Those who are familiar with the works of R&B singer/songwriter, Mary J. Blige might know her ex-husband Martin Issacs aka Kendu Issacs. They tied the knot back in 2003, and their life as a married couple ended legally in 2018. Before their marriage, the former lover was related professionally. Kendu was the manager of Mary. Let’s learn more about him in today’s article.

The Father of Three Kendu Isaacs Love Life: Marriages and Divorces

Kendu Isaacs was a married man before he tied the knot with Mary J. Blige. He welcomed two sons, Nas Isaacs and Jordan Isaacs, with his first wife. Before that, he was also raising a daughter, Brianna Isaacs, who resulted from his teenage relationship.

Kendu Isaacs welcomed two sons, Nas and Jordan, with his first wife.
Kendu Isaacs and Mary J Blige with Nas and Jordan.
Photo Source: Hollywood Mask

Indeed, Kendu was the father of three before starting his married life with Mary; however, that’s not all. According to Live Ramp Up, when the ex-couple got together in 2003, Kendu was still with his wife.

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It’s said, due to that, Brianna Isaacs harbored resentment towards Mary, which ended up with Brianna running away from home at the age of 15. Further, she got tangled with cocaine becoming an addict. Luckily, everything is fine as of now; however, sources claim she professed sorrow over the divorce of her dad, Kendu, and step-mom, Mary.

Divorce Settlement Between Kendu Isaacs and His Ex-wife Mary J. Blige

The former pair, Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige ended their relationship. They went on separate paths in 2016, and after around two years, their divorce got finalized in 2018.

According to Amo Mama, Kendu was the one who cheated on Mary; while they were still in a marital relationship, he was dating someone else. Although it isn’t for sure, it’s believed that he was with a much younger woman, Starshell, a rising artist who Blige took under her wings as a protégé.

The former pair, Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige, went separate paths in 2016, and after around two years, their divorce get finalized in 2018.
Kendu with Mary and Starshell in an event.
Photo Source: Hollywood Mask

When Mary found out about Kendu cheating on her, she filed for a divorce. However, it took over two years for it to settle legally. Why? Because Mary’s estranged husband, Kendu, asked her to pay him $30 thousand in temporary spousal support.

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Furthermore, in 2017, he even appealed to increase spousal support, pointing out being unemployed and impoverished. He asked for around $65 thousand per month.

After all that, Mary found that Kendu, 49, never loved her, and he was only with her for her money. Surely, she had a hard time digesting the harsh reality of knowing her lover was a fraud. But Kendu was also facing some tough times after his cover was blown. His condition was so bad he even got hospitalized, as noted by The Blast.

As of 2022, Kendu’s relationship status is behind the curtain. There are no details available on his recent romantic encounters. Therefore, we cannot say anything for now; however, it is safe to say he is single for now.

Kendu Isaacs Net Worth Collection as of 2022

Speaking of Kendu Isaacs’s financial status, he is reportedly a millionaire. According to Kemifilani, he holds an estimated net worth of $4.5 million, as of 2022. But, while he was married to his ex, Mary, he enjoyed 10% of her gross income. However, that privilege ended when his relationship with her ended.

Kendu Isaacs face financial crisis and was hospitalized.
Kendu Isaacs was married to music mogul Mary J. Blige
Photo Source: Instagram

Indeed, Kendu lost all of those luxuries he had when he was married to Mary. Due to that, he faced a financial crisis, which also put him in a hospital bed. Further, because of that, he was asking for additional amounts in spousal support.

After all ups and downs sources claim Kendu’s back in business. He’s still in the music industry as a producer and manager.

How much is Kendu Isaacs’ Net Worth?

As of 2022, Kendu Isaacs has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million.

Do Mary J Blige and Kendu Isaacs have children together?

Kendu Isaacs is the dad to his three children but none of them are from Mary J. Blige; thus, no they don’t have children together.

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