Who Is Katheryn Cryer?

Katheryn Cryer is the daughter of an immensely wealthy father. After he expired, she inherited her father’s money and business holdings, including various properties. She is married to her childhood sweetheart, Jim Cryer, and is in a terrible and loveless marriage. If you’ve watched her on TV then you might’ve noticed that she has everything a woman could want regarding material possessions, yet she is lonely and has no true friends.

Katheryn Cryer inherited her father's money and business holdings, including various properties.
Katheryn Cryer is an American actress and singer.
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In Tyler Perry‘s drama The Haves and The Have Nots, Katheryn Cryer plays the true deuteragonist and antiheroine with her family. Renee Lawless portrays her. Jim is a ladies’ man, and according to Katheryn, who assigns numbers to his girlfriends, he has had numerous affairs. There is no information available about their net worth.

Katheryn Cryer’s Married Life, Who is Her Husband?

Jim Cryer is Katheryn Cryer’s spouse. However, the two aren’t in a happy marriage and haven’t been since before the series began. Katherine’s marriage appears to be loveless as the two are revealed to no longer share a bed late in season 1. The artist appears to ignore Jim’s numerous relationships, albeit she is shown making fun of them and assigning numbers to them so that they remain “nameless” to her; for example, she refers to Candace Young as “Nine,” as she is reportedly Jim’s ninth mistress.

Katheryn Cryer's marriage appears to be loveless as the two are revealed to no longer share a bed late in season 1.
Katheryn Cryer is married to Jim Cryer.
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Also, while speaking with Wyatt, she admits that while Jim was having affairs, she had some as well, which surprised Jim, who was jealous and inquired who she was with. She was genuinely concerned about Jim after he was shot by his son, Wyatt, in the final season of The Haves and The Have Nots. Katheryn raises a son, Wyatt, and a daughter, Amanda, with the support of nannies. The siblings are mentally ill and unable to function in the world outside of their life of privilege and wealth.

Katheryn Cryer’s Son Is A Drug Addict

Wyatt Cryer is Katheryn and Jim’s kid, a heroin addict and alcoholic that both parents despise. Katheryn and Jim have tried and failed numerous times to help Wyatt become clean. Wyatt was allegedly sexually abused by a trusted family clergyman as a young boy. Katheryn appears to be quite concerned about Wyatt, expressing concern when involved in a hit-and-run accident and even more so when he is jailed in a later episode.

When Wyatt’s vices resurface, he goes on a rage across the home, telling both of his parents to go to hell. Katheryn voiced her wrath and concern for her son, begging Jim to take care of him, which the latter fulfills by sending Wyatt to prison for a week because it is what he wanted and was not frightened of.

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Katheryn was worried about her son, but Jim assured her that he was safe at the prison and just there until he was back in line. She begs for her life and tells him she loves him in the season 6 finale of The Haves and The Have Nots, but he shoots his mother, owing to cocaine in his system and leaves her lifeless body in the bathtub.

Katheryn Cryer’s Daughter

Amanda Cryer is Kathryn and Jim’s daughter, a young college student easily swayed. Katheryn pretends to adore her like she does her son, dismissing her as wishy-washy and weak-minded while hoping Candace isn’t using her. After visiting her husband, she is stunned to learn that her daughter committed suicide and has collapsed in an unresponsive state.

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Katheryn reflected on Amanda’s youth, recalling how she shielded and cared for her in an accident. Katheryn became enraged and blamed Jim for his stubbornness in not having their daughter committed, claiming she could have received proper care that way. Katheryn would wonder why her daughter did such a thing until she learned that Her law professor had raped Amanda through Candace. Katheryn later had Hanna find her Amanda’s diary, and after reading it, she called Jim, confirmed that their kid had been raped, and asked him to pursue her rapist once more.

Katheryn Cryer’s Friends With Hanna Young

Hanna Young is one of the Cryer’s maids, a poor woman that Katheryn employs in the pilot after an interview is set up by another maid already working in the household. When Hanna arrives at work one day and discovers her boss is unwell, the two ladies become fast friends. Katheryn admits that she is ill due to a diagnosis of breast cancer, and Hanna (a breast cancer survivor herself) offers her medicinal marijuana to alleviate her discomfort.

Katheryn Cryer's daughter, a young college student easily swayed.
Katheryn Cryer is a close friend of Hanna Young.
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Later, Kathryn joins Hanna in covertly checking herself into a hospital for cancer treatment under the guise of going on a “holiday.” Katheryn covertly had her injured son Benny relocated to a better hospital as a favor to Hanna after he received poor medical treatment at the county hospital. After Benny recovered from his injuries, she even paid the bill, which Hanna appreciated.

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