American actress Katharine Ross is a veteran in the Hollywood industry with numerous appearances in several blockbuster movies and television shows. Popular among multiple generations, the 82-year-old actress is best known for her appearances in The Singing Nun, Games, and The Graduate.

Katharine Ross’s Staggering Net Worth in 2022

Working over five decades in Hollywood surely has it’s perks when it comes to fortune and fame. And, thus, Katharine Ross earned herself the tag of a ‘multi-millionaire’ with all the midnight oil she burned. Specifically, she owns a staggering net worth of $20 million as of 2022.

Katharine Ross in a white t-shirt poses for a picture.
Katharine Ross featured in movies like Games and The Graduate. Sourcee: Discogs

The primary source of Katharine Ross’s massive net worth is none other than her works in television and filmography. While she focused more of her career on the big screen appearing in movies like Fools, Get to Know Your Rabbit, and The Betsy. However, she wasn’t really active in the television career, as she portrayed guest roles in numerous shows like Conagher, American Dad, and The Loner. One of her best roles in television came in The Colbys as Francesca in a total of 49 episodes, where Stephanie Beacham and Emma Samms starred.

With such a long list of experience and expertise, Ross earned far more than $50,000, the average salary of an actor. In terms of property, Ross lives in a lavish house at the seaside ranch in Malibu. In addition to that, she also owns a property in the Williamette Valley, Oregon.

Katherine’s Married Life: Four Times Divorce

While the 82-year-old Katharine Ross’ professional endeavors are extremely resounding, she failed to replicate such luck in her married life. The two-time Golden Globe Award winner fell in love for the first time with fellow actor Joel Fabiani as they tied the knot in 1960. However, despite all the hype of a celebrity marriage, Ross couldn’t sustain her marriage as the relationship ended with a divorce just two years later.

Katharine Ross poses a picture with husband Sam Elliott.
Katharine Ross is a four-time divorcee. Source: Pinterest

Following the divorce, Katharine was back in the dating game as she started seeing John Marion. Back in the time, the option of marriage seemed quite popular as they exchanged their vows in 1964. Just when everything looked perfect, cracks started forming in their relationship. Consequently, the couple parted ways with a divorce agreement in 1967.

To start fresh, Ross found a new partner in Academy Award winner, Conrad Hall. Interestingly, the two met on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and fell for each other. And, as one thing led to another, Ross and Hall tied the knot again, hoping that it would be third time lucky. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as they parted ways in 1973, and finalized their divorce in 1975. The former couple shared a lot of similarities within them, including the fact that both shared multiple marriages.

Following their break-up, Hall found his third wife in Susan Kowarsh-Hall. On the other hand, Ross didn’t give up on finding a soulmate despite a series of heartbreaks. Just a year after she broke up with Conrad, she married Gaetano Lisi in 1974. Surprisingly, he wasn’t quite popular compared to Ross’s former lovers, but the relationship lasted for five years, relatively greater. When it comes to marriages, Katharine Ross shared similar luck with Friends character, Ross Geller, as she parted ways with Lisi in 1979.

Katharine Ross Finally Settled with Sam Elliott

Just when things looked dim for Ross in case of finding a partner, she met veteran actor Sam Elliott. They crossed paths with each other in the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in 1969, but they didn’t share any love interests back then. Surprisingly, they met again during the shooting of The Legacy in 1978 and gradually started going out.

Katharine Ross poses a picture with husband Sam Elliott.
Katharine Ross tied the knot with Sam Elliott in 1984. Source: Fabiosaa

After four divorces, the American actress finally looked to settle in life as she matched perfectly with Elliott. She walked down the aisle in a lavish wedding ceremony in 1984. Shortly after getting hitched, Ross became a mom for the first time, as she gave birth to a daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott on September 17, 1984. Their only daughter is an adult now and a well-established musician.

The happy couple lives the best versions of themselves in a house at Malibu. In 2020, Ross and her husband Elliott celebrated their 36th marriage anniversary, and they couldn’t be happier.

Katharine Ross’s Early Life

Born on January 29, 1940, at Hollywood, California, Katharine Elliott shared her bloodline with her navy fatherDudley Ross, and mother, Katherine Mullen. The family settled in Walnut Creek, California, east of San Francisco. The actress went to Las Lomas High School and graduated in 1957.

Katharine Ross poses a picture with her daughter and husband.
Katharine Ross debuted her first film ‘Shenandoah’ in 1965.

Regarding Ross’s interests in acting, it all began when she studied at Santa Rosa Junior College. She got to know of acting and production of The King and I. Thus, the diva took a bold decision to drop out of the academics and move to San Francisco to study acting, and the rest is history.

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