In the current generation where women empowerment is certainly the case, people should look upto Camelia Kath as an inspiration. The 65-year-old actress didn’t work for long in the entertainment industry, yet left a vast legacy with her performance. She is best known for her versatile roles in ‘Terror on Tour’ and ‘Fake-Out.’

How Much is Camelia Kath’s Net Worth?

When it comes to income, working in Hollywood should be enough to earn a lavish life. Well, it is undoubtedly the case with Kath, who used to be active around the 1990s. Specifically, she possesses an estimated net worth figure of $1 million as of 2020.

Camelia Kath poses for a picture in a black t-shirt.
Camelia Kath owns a net worth of $1 million. Source: My cast

Interestingly, she can afford a life with all the riches as her current partner, Jeff Lynne, owns a net worth of $50 million. While not much is known regarding the salary, Kath received, one could assume that she made around $50,010 per year, the average pay of an actress.

The primary source of Camelia’s staggering wealth undoubtedly is her affiliation in movies. Some of her best works came in 1982‘s ‘Fake-Out’ and ‘The Killing Time.’

Camelia Kath’s Married Life: First Heartbreak

The gorgeous Camelia Kath failed to replicate her professional luck in her married life. Since two of her marriages broke, be it with divorce or death, the actress never got a chance to settle down properly.

Camelia Kath and her ex-husband Terry Kath singing songs.
Camelia Kath and ex-husband Terry Alan Kath shared a daughter.

Initially, Camelia crossed paths with musician Terry Alan Kath in 1974, and they shared a unique vibe for the first time itself. Eventually, they dated for a few months before making the big decision to tie the knot. Kath was just a teenager back then while her beau was 28.

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The filmstar became a mother for the first time with her then-husband Terry. She gave birth to a daughter, Michelle Kath Sinclair, in 1976. Just when everything looked perfect, a storm struck in her life, as her beau, Terry passed away on January 23, 1978. The cause of the death was more shocking since he died from a gunshot by a semi-automatic 9-mm pistol, only nine days before his 32nd birthday. Kath was left distraught as a widow with a two-year-old child, but she held herself strong and went on to raise her all by herself, which is quite inspiring, to be honest.

Camelia Kath: Divorced in Second Attempt

The attempt to move on from the tragic past continued as Kath went on to feature in Hollywood. Between all that, she started dating actor cum producer, Keifer Sutherland almost a decade after Terry’s demise. The two exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony on September 12, 1987, to embark upon a blissful married life.

Camelia Kath in black poses with ex-husband Kiefer Sutherland at an event.
Camelia Kath tied the knot to Kiefer Sutherland in 1987. Source: Pinterest

Little did Kath know back then how the marital bond would end in horror as well. The married couple welcomed their first daughter together, Jude Sutherland on February 19, 1988. As a daughter of actors, Sarah continued to walk on her parents’ footsteps as she became an actress, featuring in ‘Veep.’ Eventually, cracks formed in their relationship, which ended their marriage with divorce on February 1, 1990.

Camelia Kath: Engaged To Jeff Lynne

When it comes to the personal life of the Hollywood actress, Camelia Kath, it isn’t that impressive. Although she suffered a series of heart-breaks in the past, Kath currently lives the best version of herself alongside the 72-year-old singer, Jeff Lynne.

Camelia Kath in a black t-shirt poses a picture with her fiance Jeff Lynne.
Camelia Kath and Jeff Lynne got engaged in 2008. Source: Getty

The two started dating way back in the mid-2000s and perfectly seem to complement each other. Surprisingly, the songwriter also came off two broken marriages with the likes of Rosemary Adams and Sandi Kapelson. Likewise, just like Kath, he had two children.

Despite all the complicated history, the love birds seem to match one another quite rightly. Thus, they got engaged in 2008 but didn’t marry to the current date. Only time will tell if they ever intend to tie the knot.

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