Kaitlan Collins is a well-known American journalist who has made a name for herself in the field of broadcasting. She currently serves as the anchor of “CNN Primetime” on the popular news network, CNN. With her engaging presence and insightful reporting, she has captivated viewers with her ability to deliver news clearly and concisely.

Collins, born on April 7, 1992, hails from Prattville, Alabama. She grew up alongside her siblings Brayden, Cole, and Lena Grace Collins. Standing at a height of 5’7″ (170 cm), she possesses a commanding presence both on and off-screen. Despite her relatively young age, she has already made significant strides in her career as a journalist.

Relationship Status Of Collins

Kaitlan Collins, the accomplished journalist, has been in a relationship with Will Douglas since 2015. They started seeing each other and their connection was evident through their social media posts, where they would often express their affection for one another. However, in 2017, both of them made a conscious decision to keep their love life private.

Kaitlan Collins is wearing a sleeveless black dress and Will Douglas is wearing a suit.
Kaitlan Collins with her partner, Will Douglas (Source: Will Douglas Instagram @willdouglastx)

Douglas, a multi-talented individual, is a Texas-based businessman, pharmacist, and conservative politician. After completing his education at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, he decided to kick-start his professional journey in Dallas, Texas. His expertise in the pharmaceutical field led him to establish his venture called Crimson Care Pharmacy Group. As the owner of this pharmacy group, he aims to provide quality healthcare services and medications to the local community.

Net Worth Of The CNN Anchor

Kaitlan Collins has achieved notable net worth of $5 million through her successful career as an anchor at CNN. Known for her exceptional journalism skills and captivating presence, she has hosted prominent shows like “CNN This Morning” and “CNN Primetime.” With her extensive experience and expertise in delivering news, she has established herself as respected figure in the media industry.

Collins’s dedication and hard work have not only earned her significant net worth but also generous salary. It is estimated that she earns approximately $3 million per year, highlighting her value and contribution to the field of journalism. Her financial success reflects the recognition and appreciation she receives for her exceptional work in keeping the public informed and engaged.

Currently Works At CNN

Kaitlan Collins is an integral part of the CNN news team, where she has been making significant contributions since 2017. She initially joined the network as CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, stationed in Washington, D.C. as mentioned in her profile on CNN’s official website. This role allowed her to provide in-depth coverage and analysis of key political events and news unfolding within the White House.

Kaitlan Collins is listening to her colleague speaking.
Kaitlan Collins at her work in Capitol Hill (Source: Kaitlan Collins Instagram @kaitlancollins)

Over time, Clooins talent and dedication led her to take on more prominent positions within CNN. Currently, she serves as the anchor of “CNN Primetime,” where she leads the show with her expertise and engaging presence. Before this, she held the position of co-anchor and chief correspondent of “CNN This Morning,” demonstrating her versatility and ability to excel in different roles within the network.

About Collins’s Parents And Siblings

Kaitlan Collins comes from a close-knit family, which includes her father, Jeff Collins. Her father works as a mortgage banker, utilizing his expertise in the financial industry. While not much information is available about her mother, it is known that she prefers to keep her life private. She also has three siblings who maintain a similar approach to privacy.

Collins has two brothers named Brayden Collins and Cole Collins, and a sister named Lena Grace Collins. Although their lives are not extensively documented in the public eye, her bond with her siblings and their shared commitment to privacy highlight the importance they place on personal relationships and maintaining a sense of normalcy outside of the media spotlight.

Awards And Achievements

Collins has received several notable awards and achieved recognition for her contributions to the field of journalism. Since the year Jeremiah Peniata Fatu’s brother, Solo Sikoa made his in-ring debut, i.e., in 2018, she has consistently been recognized as one of the “Most Influential People in News Media” by Mediaite. This acknowledgment highlights her significant impact and the respect she has garnered within the industry.

Kaitlan Collins is wearing a blue dress while speaking from the stage through the podium.
Kaitlan Collins hosting the White House News Photographers Association’s annual dinner (Source: Kaitlan Collins Instagram @kaitlancollins)

In addition, Collins was named to Crain’s NewsPro’s prestigious “12 to Watch in TV News” in January 2019, a testament to her rising influence and potential for future success. Furthermore, her remarkable achievements led to her inclusion in Forbes magazine’s esteemed “30 under 30: Media” list in 2019, which celebrates young professionals who have made exceptional strides in their respective fields.

Education Background

Collins has a diverse educational background that has shaped her journey in the field of journalism. After completing her high school education at Prattville High School, she enrolled at the same University Olivia Namath’s father, Joe Namath studied, which is the University of Alabama, where she graduated in May 2014.

During her time at the university, Collins pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in both journalism and political science, honing her skills in communication and gaining a deep understanding of the political landscape. It is interesting to note that her academic journey began with a focus on chemistry. However, her passion for storytelling and political affairs led her to make a transition to journalism and political science, allowing her to follow her true calling.

Additionally, Collins was an active member of the Alpha Phi sorority during her time at the University of Alabama, showcasing her involvement in campus activities and fostering lifelong connections. Through her educational experiences, she has developed a solid foundation that has propelled her career as a successful journalist.

Collins Homophobic Tweets Controversy

Kaitlan Collins faced a controversy surrounding some tweets from 2011 that contained homophobic language. In these tweets, she used the word “fag” and expressed uncertainty about rooming with a lesbian as mentioned in an article from Deadline. However, she took responsibility for her past actions and issued a sincere apology. CNN anchor acknowledged that during her college years, she used ignorant language in a few tweets to her friends.

Collins recognized that her choice of words was immature and emphasized that they do not reflect her true feelings. Expressing remorse and regret, she apologized for her past remarks. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of personal growth and learning from past mistakes. Her willingness to acknowledge her past behavior and apologize demonstrates a commitment to promoting inclusivity and understanding.

Life Before CNN

Before joining CNN, Collins had already established herself in the field of journalism. She gained valuable experience working for The Daily Caller, a right-wing media outlet. Starting in June 2014, she began her journey at the network as an entertainment reporter, covering a wide range of topics in the entertainment industry.

Collins spent three years honing her skills and expanding her knowledge while working for the publication. Before her time at The Daily Caller, she kick-started her career after graduating from university by working as a freelance blogger and writer. During this period, she contributed her insightful articles to various journals and newspapers, allowing her to develop her writing style and establish a solid foundation in journalism.

Was Previously Suspended From The White House Event

Collins faced a notable incident when she was banned from the White House due to her line of questioning during a press event. She was excluded from a White House event after asking what were deemed by the administration as “inappropriate” questions to then-President Donald Trump.

Kaitlan Collins is raising her hands to ask the question.
Kaitlan Collins with the Former US President, Donald Trump (Source: Kaitlan Collins Instagram @kaitlancollins)

Specifically, Collins inquired about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mr. Trump’s former lawyer. Following the incident, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that she had shouted questions and refused to leave the premises, leading to her exclusion. This incident raised discussions about press freedom and the role of journalists in holding public officials accountable.

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