Judah Miro Tapert is a 21-year-old guy, his mom is the well-known actress Lucy Lawless, while his dad is producer Robert Tapert.

Who Are Judah Miro Tapert’s Parents?

Robert Tapert, Judah’s father, is a film and television producer, writer, and director from the United States.
He is most known for inventing the Xena: Warrior Princess fantasy television series in the United States.

Where, Lucy Lawless, his mother, is a New Zealand actress and singer best known for portraying Xena: Warrior Princess in the American television series Xena: Warrior Princess starring Gina Torres (Delilah Fishburne‘s mother).


Meet Judah Tapert, the 22-year-old son of the famous New Zealand actress Lucy and producer Darkman star Rob Tapert. As of now, Judah is not in any relationship, but he’s still quite young, so who knows what the future holds for him!

For now, the charming guy is living his life away from the spotlight, taking things easy and enjoying his youth. We might just see him in a relationship soon, but for now, he’s keeping things private and focusing on his journey.

Lucy Lawless Is A Versatile Actress

Lawless is a famous actress from New Zealand, best known for playing Xena in the TV show “Xena: Warrior Princess”. She’s also been in movies like “Spider-Man” (2002) and “Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mt. Olympus”.

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Besides acting in films, Lawless has appeared in TV series like “Adventure Time,” “The Simpsons” alongside Maury Povich and “Top of the Lake” starring Zoe Carides. She’s received awards for her acting skills, including the Order of Merit in the New Zealand Queen’s Birthday Honor List in June 2004.

Judah Miro Tapert’s Parents’ Married Life

In 1995, Lawless met TimeCop star Robert on the set of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, where Robert was an executive producer and co-creator and Lucy was recruited for a role. Lucy had just divorced her former spouse, and Robert was unmarried at the time.

However, nothing romantic transpired between them throughout that period. Robert and the other producers of the program decided to spin Lucy into her series two years later after being pleased by her performance. They began dating after that, and their love tale began.

Judah Miro Tapert's parents Robert Tapert and Lucy Tapert at their wedding.
Judah Miro Tapert’s parents Robert Tapert and Lucy Tapert at their wedding.
Image Source: Afternoon Special

Likewise, Tapert and his wife Lucy express their affection for one another openly. Lucy and Robert chose to take the next major step in their relationship and get married after having a love affair for a long.

On March 28, 1998, their wedding took place before Lucy turned 30 years old. Julius Robert Bay Tapert, Judah’s older brother, was born on October 16, 1999, a year after they married. Judah, on the other hand, was born in the year 2002.

Judah Miro Tapert’s Mother’s Previous Marriage And Divorce

The stunning Lucy Lawless was previously married to a man called Garth Lawless, who worked as a bartender in 1988. After Lucy became pregnant, the former love birds married.

Similarly, the love mates’ wedding took place in the Western Australian town of Kalgoorlie. Daisy Lawless, Lucy’s first child, and Judah’s half-sister was born on July 15, 1988. Daisy is a New Zealand actress best known for her role in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel as Jabberon.

Judah Miro Tapert’s Net Worth Collection

The celebrity son Judah Miro’s net worth is unknown. However, the media sensation benefits from his parents’ considerable wealth. The sizzling Lucy amassed her fortune via her acting and singing careers. Her astonishing net worth is $30 million.

Robert Tapert is posing for the photo.
Robert Tapert is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Robert Tapert’s Instagram.

Likewise, Tapert’s mother character was called Lucretia in the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010), its prequel Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011), and its sequel Spartacus: Vengeance (2012). She has also appeared in Parks and Recreation, Battlestar Galactica, Spider-Man (2002), Bitch Slap (2009), and several other movies.

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To add more, Robert made his fortune through producing, writing, and directing films and television shows. He is also one of the founding members of the film production firms Renaissance Pictures and Ghost House Pictures.

The Hollywood star recently produced the much-awaited horror thriller Evil Dead Rise which collected  $146.3 million against a budget of around $18 million. He has a staggering net worth of $30 million from his professional career.

Judah Miro Tapert’s Physical Appearance

Judah is a young man with medium height, sporting dark brown hair, and captivating brown eyes. He possesses an athletic build and loves to stay active. You’ll often catch him playing soccer and basketball with his friends, as sports are among his favorite pastimes.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, the celebrity son’s heart lies in music, and he’s a talented guitar player. His passion for music is evident in his performances at various events, where he impresses the audience with his skills.

Apart from his talents, Miro also has an eye for fashion. He effortlessly rocks stylish clothing and accessories, always looking dapper and trendy.

Judah Miro Tapert’s Wiki-bio

The 22-year-old Miro Tapert was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on May 7, 2002. Similarly, he is of New Zealand nationality. His two siblings Julius Robert Bay, and Daisy Lawless were his childhood companions.

Lucy Lawless with her two son.
Lucy Lawless with her two sons.
Image Source: Biographygist

For the last two decades, Judah has kept his life hidden from the public eye. His educational background and personal life are kept private.

Is Judah Miro Tapert Active On Social Media?

The celebrity kid Miro Tapert isn’t in the media spotlight, so he doesn’t use social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

There aren’t any known accounts connected to him. But he might have private accounts, and he likely hangs out with a small group of close friends he connects with.

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