Jose Diaz-Balart is a popular and famous Journalist or reporter. He works at NBC News as the anchor for Noticias Telemundo. He was born on November 7, 1960,  in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. His birth sign is Scorpio. He holds Cuban-American citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity. He is also known as a Cuban-American journalist and television anchorman. He was raised in a supportive family. His family has a great role to become successful in his life. He serves different factual news and information to the people.

He works on radio and news channels. The Telemundo network’s early evening Spanish-language news program, as well as the network’s public affairs Sunday morning program name Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart. After working in radio, he transitioned to print journalism in the mid-1980s, working as the Central American Bureau Chief for what was then known as the Spanish International Network and as a print journalist for United Press International.

Physical Appearance

Díaz-Balart has an attractive and bold body figure. He is in his old age but he looks like he is in his young age. He has an attractive, slim, and healthy body. He maintains his body by looking at some key factors that helped him maintain his figure, including genetics, dieting habits, exercise routines, and healthy health which affect his fans and followers much.

This is Jose Diaz-Balart's photo. He is wearing a black coat. He is smiling.
Jose Diaz-Balart Photo.Source@GU Politics

His estimated height stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch tall and his weight is disclosed by him. Likewise, his other body measurement like chest size, waist size, bicep size, hip size, shoe size, and dress size is not yet revealed or he may want to keep them private. But he is active, healthy, and fit.

Parents Background

Díaz-Balart family is small, lovely, and educated. They are hardworking and well-disciplined. He is the son of Rafael Díaz-Balart y Gutierrez and his mother, Hilda Caballero Brunet. His father is a popular former Cuban politician, but his mother’s profession is not disclosed to the media.

Celebrity is very private about their family and career. So he may not want to share his family background with the people. But he was raised with his supportive family and siblings. His family has a great role in being a success. They helped him in every work and his career.

Siblings Background

Díaz-Balart has three lovely brothers. They are popular, educated, active, and hardworking. His three lovely brothers’ name is, Rafael Diaz-Balart. He is a banker or the CEO and Founder of Vestec International Corporation and Senior Advisor for Credit Lyonnais, Private Banking International. Mario Diaz-Balart is a is a Republican U.S. Representative for Florida’s 25th congressional district and his last brother name Lincoln Diaz-Balart is, a popular attorney and politician.

This is Jose Diaz-Balart and his sibling's photo. They are wearing the same dress. They are smiling.
Jose Diaz-Balart and his sibling’s Photo. Source@Diario Las Americas

Jose’s aunt, Mirta Diaz-Balart, was Fidel Castro’s first wife. Fidel Castro is his uncle through marriage and Fidel Castro Jr.(Fidelito) is his first cousin. His uncle, Waldo Diaz-Balart, is a Cuban painter. He is married and has two daughters.He is also the son of Rafael Díaz-Balart y Gutierrez and his mother, Hilda Caballero Brunet.

Education Background

Nowadays, a lot of celebrities and actors have a good quality education. They are mostly seen in the media or on social networking sites with their college or certificate degrees framed and hanging up on the wall. Some famous people even go to school after making it a big success in life, and some drop out of high school because they could not afford to continue their education Because of their career, they drop their studies.

Díaz-Balart was active talent during his school or college days. He participated in all the programs organized by the college. Talking about his education he studied politics and history at the University of Cambridge, New College of Florida and he graduated from New College in Sarasota and the University of Cambridge. After graduation, Jose started his career in Journalism in the year 1984. All throughout his career, he has worked with famous TV personalities like white house correspondents, Kelly O’Donnell, BBC journalist, Kristen WelkerAndrea Mitchell, and Lester Holt.

Career Background

Jose Diaz-Balart is a popular Cuban-American journalist and television anchorman. He is currently the anchor for Noticiero Telemundo, the Telemundo network’s news program, as well as the network’s public affairs Sunday morning program Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart. He is also the anchor of NBC Nightly News on Saturdays. He started his reporter journey in1984. In August 1996 he made history by becoming the first Cuban-American to host a network news program when he became an anchor for the CBS News program This Morning. He also serves as the anchor for Noticias Telemundo, a daily news broadcast, and the Sunday morning news show Enfoque con Jose Díaz-Balart.

This is Jose Diaz-Balart's photo. He is wearing a black coat. He is smiling.
Jose Diaz-Balart Photo.Source@Hollywoodmask

On November 10, 2014, he was taking over hosting duties on The Daily Rundown on November 17, 2014, with the program expanded to two hours. His work at The Daily Rundown was renamed MSNBC Live with Jose Diaz-Balart in 2015 as part of a larger restructuring of MSNBC’s daytime programming. He also started working as a fill-in anchor for NBC Nightly News on Saturdays in late 2015. In July 2016, he was officially named host of that program, and he still holds that position today. So he become popular and gained name or fame among people by delivering true news.

Achievements And Awards

Díaz-Balart has achieved many awards and achievements for his work. He is also known as Two Emmy award-winning journalist, and he is currently working on NBC Nightly News on Saturdays as an anchor and MSNBC Live with Jose Diaz-Balart on MSNBC. His awards are the Silver Circle Award by the National Academy of Television Sciences in 2010.

As of June 2011, Diaz-Balart has filled in for MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer in the 12 pm time slot, hosting the one-hour program MSNBC Live and he made history when he substituted for Brewer on MSNBC Live for the week of June 20 through 24, 2011 in the show’s 12 PM time slot, making him the first U.S. journalist to broadcast both English and Spanish newscasts on two networks simultaneously On May 20, 2014.  

Relationship Status

Díaz-Balart is happily married to his life partner, Brenda Diaz-Balart. They have a good relationship between them. They do their wedding vows in a private ceremony. From their marital relationship, the wedded couple is blessed with two daughters aged 10 and 13 years. Although there are only limited details about the Cuban-American television presenter’s family.

This is Jose Diaz-Balart and his wife's photo. They are smiling and they are wearing different clothes.
Jose Diaz-Balart, wife and daughter photo. [email protected]

His spouse and kids can often be seen on social media sites he keeps them private. His wife Brenda is an American from Los Angeles, California. He did not reveal his relationship status much or he did not want to fall into any rumors or controversies. He is very private about his life and career.

Social Media

Díaz-Balart is active on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He likes to keep connected to social media platforms. He has a huge fan following on different social media platforms. On his Instagram id name jdbalart, has 85.5k followers, and on other social media sites, the Twitter id name jose diaz-balart has 88.1k followers. where he posted his photos and videos regarding his daily life events. He has a huge fan following so it is also a source of income for him.

Net Worth

Jose Diaz-Balart is a Two Emmy award-winning journalist. He is a popular journalist. His source of income is journalists, social media platforms, and other income sources. He may be living a comfortable and luxurious life. He may have his own house, car, and other expensive things. His estimated net worth as of $ 15 million.

He is an instructor and collecting a good amount of money has been a great success for him. The money he pulled in from a young age was real–enough to rank him as one of the most popular and talented journalists.

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