Find all to know about U.S. House of Representative Jon Neguse’s love life here in the read below. 

When there are talks about a recognized personality, we automatically think about their family members and associates to know more about their lives. Most of the time, our choice of interest lies in celebrities like actors, models, and many more. But that’s not what we’re going to be glossing over today, as we’ve brought you details on the life of Colorado’s first congressman of African descent, Jon Neguse.

After it was found out that Neguse was on Capitol Hill during the 2021 insurrection, his wife, Andrea Neguse, was the one updating social media and his followers about her husband’s well-being. Since then, many queries have surfaced from people wanting to know about the lovely lady. Fret not, as we’ve brought you all sorts of unmissable details on Joe Neguse’s wife and the mother of his child, Andrea Neguse.

Who Is Andrea Neguse? Bio Wiki

Andrea Neguse was born on March 19, 1987, to her parents Bill Rael and Gloria Jimenez in Broomfield, Colorado. She comes from the family background of the military, where most of her maternal family members served in the war as well. Her grandfather Pete Jimenez served in the U.S. Army and was a World War II Veteran who received military honors like Knight in the Order of the Legion of Honor, France.

Andrea Neguse with her little one, Natalie Neguse.
Andrea Neguse with her little one, Natalie Neguse.
Photo Source: Twitter

The 33-year-old spent most of her life in Colorado, which is why it was only destined for her to meet her future partner, Joe Neguse, in the same city. She’s the top supporter of her husband’s work and can always be seen praising him on her social media handle.

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As for Andrea’s career, she’s a degree holder in Journalism and News Editorial with a minor in political science from the University of Colorado. Some of her works include a blogger and citizen journalist and the associate editor at The Huffington Post. Not only that, but the talented lady’s also into computers and tech and enjoys her hobby of coding. At the moment, she’s pursuing her career as a developer based in Colorado.

Andrea Neguse Love Life With Husband Joe Neguse

People who are destined for each other end up together no matter what. Just like that, the pair Andrea and Joe happened to cross each other’s path in their home town Boulder, Colorado, back in 2010. After getting to know each other and then eventually dating for five years, they finally decided to get hitched on October 03, 2015.

Joe Neguse with his wife and kids
Joe Neguse with his family.
Photo Source: Denver Westword

Their wedding ceremony was a laid back and private affair attended by most of their loved ones, friends, and family members. They welcomed their first child in August 2018 and named the beautiful girl Natalie Neguse. The young one and her mom are a constant support to Joe in terms of his work life and love life.

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