While people get to know more about the people in front of the cameras, there are many figures who achieved big success without getting much attention. John M Zidich is someone who belongs to the category as he contributed immensely to the field of publishing. Interestingly, he served as the President of Domestic Publishing for Ganett Co Inc for three years, which happens to happen one of his best achievements. So, Today we take you close to the personal life, net worth, and career details of John Zidich.

John Zidich’s Staggering Net Worth

Talking about finances and income, there is nothing that John Zidich has to worry about since he worked some reputed positions in the past. As the former President of Domestic Publishing, he amassed a significant sum of net worth. Specifically, he possesses a staggering net worth of $2 million as of 2020.

John M Zidich in yellow suit poses for a picture.
John M Zidich served for Gannett Co Inc for over forty years. Source: Espresso Pundit

Zidich spent over 40 years with Gannett, which helped him create a name for himself and move up the ladder to perform some top responsibilities in the firm. According to reports, he made $1.62 million in total compensation from the company, out of which $180,000 was salary and $110,565 as a bonus. Thanks to such a large bank balance, he enjoys a lavishing lifestyle around all the modern-day amenities and flashy properties.

John Zidich’s Career in Publishing and Media

With over forty years with Gannett Co Inc, John Zidich managed to make a name for himself. Under the firm, he served as the Chief Executive Officer in Republic Media for over thirty-five years before making some changes in his career. Surprisingly, he also signed with USA Today as a Publisher from January 2015 to April 2018. He joined the Gannett Co Inc way back in 1977. With his expertise and experience, Zidich proved to be a significant asset for the network.

John M Zidich in a black suit poses for a picture.
John M Zidich decided to retire in April 2018. Source: USA Today

While he was the publisher in USA Today, he didn’t leave his job at Gannett Co Inc. In fact, he got promoted between the time he served the President of the Domestic Publishing until April 2018. He decided to hand off the responsibilities of a media company in 2018 after four decades in the industry. Over the years, he supervised Gannett’s domestic publishing business, including print and related digital products and sales. In fact, he improved coordination among the local and national markets by uniting them.

John Zidich’s Private Personal Life

John Zidich’s hard-work cements her place and legacy in Gannett for the foreseeable future. While many know her professional career and success, he prefers to keep his professional life quite secretly. Therefore, there isn’t much clue about his family background or childhood.

John M Zidich poses a picture with a colleague.
John M Zidich used to be the chief executive of Republic Media. Source; Azred Book

Talking about the married life of John Zidich, he was lucky to replicate his professional life in his personal one. He tied the knot with his wife, Pam Zidich, a long time ago, and has two daughters, Katie Zidich and Ali Zidich. Although he remains busy most of the time, he tries his best to balance his personal life and professional life.

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