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Jodean Bottom, celebrity sister, was born on February 29th, 1964, to American parents in the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Pieces. Jodean holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. She is the daughter of American missionary John Lee Bottom. Jodean has no biological brothers or sisters. Jodean lost her left eye in a car accident when she was a kid.

Jodean Bottom was born on February 29th, 1964.
Jodean Bottom with her family.
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John and Trinity conceived the artist. Her father married Arlyn Phoenix, and she has five half-siblings. She has two brothers, River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix, and three sisters, Rain Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty PhoenixShe is the oldest of her five half-siblings.

Jodean Bottom’s Staggering Net Worth Collection

Jodean Bottom’s net worth has not yet been revealed to the public. She keeps a quiet profile on social media. As a result, her net worth and current source of income remain unknown. On the other hand, River Phoenix had an estimated net worth of $5 million at the time of his death in 1993. He was a well-known actor, activist, and musician from the United States.

Jodean Bottom's net worth has not yet been revealed to the public.
Jodean Bottom’s brother Joaquin Phoenix has a net worth of $50 million.
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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joaquin Phoenix, her vegan brother, is speculated to have a net worth of a whopping $50 million. He is an actor, director, producer, and musician from the United States. He seemed to be living a nice life thanks to his earnings. Joaquin is also one of the wealthiest celebs.

Jodean’s Existence Was Not Known By The Phoenix Siblings

The existence of the Bottom was unknown to the Phoenix siblings until a close family friend disclosed the information to them. After knowing River, the eldest of the Phoenix siblings started searching for her, hoping he could reunite their family.

At the time, River found her. The bottom was a daughter’s mother, and she brought her alongside. Not only River but other siblings like Joaquin, Rain, and others whole-heartedly welcomed her. This made Jodean close to them, especially with River.

Thus, when she heard the news of River’s death due to the overdose of drugs, Jodean was shattered from the inside. She was deeply affected by it.

Jodean Bottom’s Career Highlights

Jodean Bottom may have had a few jobs, but she hasn’t shared anything about her work on social media. She has kept her details private. She rose to prominence as a result of her half-siblings. Joaquin Phoenix, her step-brother, is a well-known American actor, director, producer, and singer who has received numerous awards in the entertainment world.

The actor is also an environmentalist and an animal rights campaigner. In 1997, he appeared in Oliver Stone‘s U-Turn as a small-town troublemaker and in Inventing the Abbotts as a poor man in love with a rich woman. The movie received bad reviews and did poorly at the box office.

After a year, he acted in the 1998 film Clay Pigeons as a young man in a small village who meets a serial killer. This picture had an $8 million budget, yet it was a box office disappointment. It only makes about $1 million. In 1999, he appeared in the film 8mm. Finally, this film became a box office blockbuster, grossing $96 million worldwide.

Jodean Bottom’s Relationship Status

Jodean Bottom is a married woman who is content with her life. However, she has kept information about her husband private. She had also kept track of when and how she met her husband. Bottom gave birth to one child throughout her marriage. She has also kept her personal life facts private. As a result, determining her personal life is difficult.

Jodean Bottom is a married woman who is content with her life.
Jodean Bottom is the daughter of missionary John Lee Bottom.
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The 57-year-old has been leading a private life away from the spotlight. There is no information available about her husband. On the other hand, her brother Joaquin Phoenix has a kid named River Phoenix. According to rumors, the couple named their baby River after Phoenix’s late brother, who died in 1993 of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 23.

Why Phoenix Siblings Took Their Mother’s Surname?

As Bottom became the archbishop of the Caribbean and Venezuela for the religious group “The children of god.” they moved to San Juan, and the Phoenix siblings were forced to earn because of a money shortage.

The guys in the upper hierarchy of the Cult used women to entice men and involved children in sexual activities. The whole family abandoned the cult and were smuggled out in 1978 by a toy-filled freighter. They started their new life by taking the surname of Arlyn.

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