Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho is a British-Spanish psychologist, photographer, and decorator. She is married to Denise Alan Taylor, who is of Scottish and Argentine descent. Jennifer is also known as the mother of the award-winning actress Anya Taylor-Joy. She is often described as being very close to her daughter, and the two are said to share a strong bond.

Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho Wiki/Bio

Jennifer Marina was born in March 1961 in Northern Rhodesia, which is now known as Zambia. She is both British and Spanish and has multiple talents. She’s a psychologist who helps people with their thoughts and feelings, a photographer who captures moments in pictures, and a decorator who designs beautiful spaces.

Anya Taylor-Joy with her mother Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho smiling in the picture.
Anya Taylor-Joy with her beloved mother Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho.
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Her husband, Denise Alan Taylor, comes from a mix of Scottish and Argentine backgrounds. Together, they have a daughter named Anya Taylor-Joy, who has become a well-known actress, winning awards for her performances.

People often notice Jennifer’s remarkable appearance, which seems to have been passed down to her daughter, Anya. Known for being caring and supportive, Jennifer is highly regarded as a loving wife and mother. Apart from her family life, she’s admired for her skills in psychology, photography, and interior design, where she brings creativity and understanding to her work.

Short Wiki On Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho’s Daughter Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy is a really good actress who has become famous for her acting in different movies and TV shows. She was born on April 16, 1996, in Miami, Florida, and lived in Argentina until she was six. Then she moved to London, England. Anya’s family background from different places has affected how she sees the world and how she acts.

People noticed her acting in movies like “The Witch”, where she played a girl facing spooky things from another world, and “Split”, where she acted as a teenager kidnapped by someone with many different personalities. Anya is good at playing different roles, and people really like watching her on screen. She got a lot of admiration and awards for her acting.

Anya Taylor-Joy is in the picture.
Anya Taylor-Joy is a famous actress.
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She became even more famous when she acted in the Netflix show “The Queen’s Gambit”, She played Beth Harmon, who is really good at playing chess but struggles with addiction and facing problems in a world mostly for men. People loved her acting in this series, and she got a lot of compliments, showing everyone how skilled she is as an actress.

People like Anya not just for her acting but also for her unique way of doing things, her elegance, and how hard she works on her acting. She loves telling stories and making characters feel real when she acts, which makes her one of the best new talents in Hollywood.

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s Movies and TV Shows

Some of her notable roles in various movies and TV shows are listed below:


  1. The Witch (2015) – Anya played the role of Thomasin, a Puritan girl dealing with supernatural occurrences in 17th-century New England.
  2. Split (2016) – She portrayed Casey Cooke, a teenager kidnapped by a man with multiple personalities.
  3. Thoroughbreds (2017) – Anya starred as Lily Reynolds, a wealthy teenage girl involved in a dark plot.
  4. Glass (2019) – Anya reprised her role as Casey Cooke from “Split” in this superhero thriller film.
  5. Emma. (2020) – She played the titular role of Emma Woodhouse in this adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel.

TV Shows:

  1. The Queen’s Gambit (2020) – Anya starred as Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy struggling with addiction and navigating a male-dominated world. This Netflix miniseries received widespread acclaim.

Anya has a fantastic career in the entertainment field, getting featured in several movies and TV shows with her notable acting and roles.

Who Is Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho’s Daughter Married To, Malcolm McRae?

Anya Taylor-Joy is married to Malcolm McRae, who is both a musician and an actor. They got married in a secret ceremony in the United States in July 2022. Later, they had another big wedding celebration in Venice, Italy, which many famous people attended.

Anya Taylor-Joy's and her husband Malcolm McRae is in the picture.
Anya Taylor-Joy’s husband is Malcolm McRae.
Image Source: Pinterest

It is believed that the couple had been dating for about a year before they got married. They like to keep their relationship private. Taylor-Joy talked about having a partner for the first time in March 2021, but she didn’t share much about how long they had been together. The couple showed up together on a red carpet for the first time at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty in February.

How Wealthy Is Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho’s Daughter, Anya Taylor-Joy’s Net Worth?

Anya Taylor-Joy’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. She has earned this much fortune from her acting career. Anya has worked in several movies and TV shows from where she earned both name and fame.

Anya Taylor-Joy gained widespread recognition for her roles in successful films and TV shows such as “The Witch”, “Split”, “Thoroughbreds”, “Glass”, and “The Queen’s Gambit”, Her success in these projects likely contributed to her growing wealth.