Jason Raich is a Marketing consultant at Stay-at-home parents. He is currently residing in Beverly Hills. Jason came to the limelight after he was charged with the crime of assaulting Canadian Asian lady Jennifer Chan.

Jason received a massive backlash after the alleged assault. He was accused of being a racist. The marketing consultant had a controversial headline all over the media.

Early And Academic Life

There is no information about Jason on the internet. He has not shared any details about his early life. Similarly, his zodiac sign is also under review as he has not provided his date of birth. The marketing consultant must have been born in Beverly Hills, United States. He seems to be of the white ethnic group. According to Chen’s sibling, he was Caucasian.

Talking about his educational background, he has not disclosed the name of the educational institute he has gone to take the knowledge. Jason has not revealed his educational degrees. He must have received his primary education from the local school in his hometown

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Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Infamous Jason has not disclosed his body measurement by himself. The exact body figures are not available. However, he looks old and has put a little weight.

According to the limited photo of Jason available on the internet, he has a white hair color and a large forehead. His eye color is not known but he wears glasses.

Family | Relationship

There is no proper information about Jason. He only came to the limelight because of his misdeeds and criminal acts with the Canadian Asian lady. Also, he has kept his personal life private and has successfully hidden all his connections and ties.

However, it is known that he has two kids that go to the same school as Chen’s kid. His relationship and marital status are not known yet.

Jennifer Chen – Victim

Jennifer Chen
Jenniffer Chen while shooting the video
Source: biographymask

Jennifer Chen is a Canadian Asian woman who accused Jason of assaulting her. Jennifer Chen is in her 30s. Her godson goes to the same school as the kids of the marketing consultant. Not much information about Jennifer is available as she has not disclosed it.

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Career Highlights

According to Jason Raich’s LinkedIn profile, he is currently working as a marketing consultant at Stay-at-home parents in his hometown Beverly Hills, the United States Of America. He worked as a Head of the strategy and Founder of Social Envi from 2010 to 2016. Similarly, he worked for five years as Manager and social media marketing at Myspace from 2004 to 2009. He also worked as a project manager for 2 yrs at Intermix media.

Besides this, no other information is found about him. He has kept a private profile and has not made his personal information come out of the closed curtain.

Controversial Assault

Jason became a media face after being accused of assaulting a Canadian Asia woman. As a result, the incident was blamed on Jason, a Beverly Hills resident. Jennifer Chen is a 30-year-old Asian woman from Canada.

He was chastised for slamming into her in a mall parking lot. On September 15, 2021, at around 4:25 p.m., an incident occurred at The Balcony on Beverwil. It started as Jennifer Chen was attempting to exit her vehicle. As a result, he was constantly sounding his horn behind her. She was taking far too long at the time to even consider quitting.

A video posted by Jennifer Chen’s sibling on the Youtube

In a security video footage, Jason is seen shouting and moving toward her car. She later with the bleeding face followed the man and recorded him after the incident, although he denied punching her. As a result, she said she was bothering him.

She followed him to the school where her friend confronted the accused man. The man who performed the assault was identified as 43 years old (at the moment of the incident) Jason Raich by the school staff.

Raich Arrest

Jason Riach has yet to be apprehended for the assault.

Chen is said to have filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Officials have promised to “call her as soon as a detective is appointed.”

Jennifer, on the other hand, is said to have suffered both physical and mental stress as a result of the occurrence. He had a concussion, lip laceration, toothache, and many tooth root fractures, according to her.

Chen had no idea what was going on because the assault happened so rapidly. However, she claimed that while assaulting her, Riach said “f***ing Asians.”

Chen is now demanding that Jason be handcuffed for his claimed offenses. She’s also asked for assistance from the wider Asian community.

Social Media Presence

Jason is not available on any social media platforms. Valid accounts of him were not found. Maybe, he has taken down all the social media after his controversy. He was infamous in the media and has received many backlashes and hate from people all around the globe. However, there is a LinkedIn account with his name. His LinkedIn account has more than 500 connections. Here is the link to his LinkedIn account.

Also, it is unclear whether his family has social media or not as he has not provided details about his family. He is not famous for performing good deeds.

A valid social media account of the Canadian Asian girl is also not found. However, Chen set up a Go Fund Me account asking for help. The profile has already raised over 8k among the 25K USD in the target. Chen’s sibling has a youtube channel through which the video that was shot by Jennifer was posted on youtube. The account name is Chen Michelle and has amassed 26 subscribers.

Accused Of Racism

Jason seems to have a racism problem. He was allegedly accused of being a racist. The case has been dubbed a “hate crime” against Asians by many. If Riach is found guilty, he might be charged with a battery of offenses.

Riach allegedly said “f***ing Asians” before beating her.

Chen is now demanding that Jason be handcuffed for his claimed offenses. She’s also asked for assistance from the wider Asian community.

Net Worth

Jason Raich has not revealed his exact net worth. There is no information about his income, assets, or other information to evaluate his net worth. However, presumably, he earns a good income. He has a nice-looking car with a grey color.

His primary source of income is his professional work. He works as a Marketing consultant as a Stay-at-home parent in his hometown Beverly Hills, Los Angelos, the United States Of America. He has also worked at several places before in a managerial post. He was also the founder and head of the strategy of social envi. It can be said that although having ups and downs he has a comfortable life.

In addition to this, the Canadian Asian lady Jennifer Chen also has not revealed the information that can be used to evaluate her net worth. All that is known is she has a car. No other information about her job or salary is disclosed to the public.

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