Jon Bon Jovi‘s twin son will not follow in his footsteps in the music industry. Jake Bongiovi, 20, told Man About Town magazine that he wants to be an actor instead. “I think I’ll leave that to my father!” he answered when asked if he aspires to a career in music. There is no genuine oversight of the situation.’

There was constantly music playing in the house growing up, all kinds of genres from various worlds,” he explained. The individuals on the screen, not the sounds on the speakers, were speaking to me.”

Jon Bon Jovi’s doppelgnger son has no plans to follow in rock’n’roll footsteps.
Jake Bongiovi is with his family.
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Jake, dating Millie Bobby Brown, the 18-year-old Stranger Things actor, says his father’s experience in the film industry has been tremendously beneficial for him.” My father’s influence was a fantastic lesson,” he remarked in a new edition of the magazine. In 2022, Jake and Millie attended BAFTA as a couple.

It’s so wonderful to hear it from the source; their experience is expressed via artistic expression.” “As long as you can maintain your identity – who you are and what you initially planned to achieve – that’s the aim,” Jake said. Mille marked 18th birthday with a ‘Ken and Barbie” look with her boyfriend, Jake.

Millie Bobby Brown is an actress.
Jake Bongiovi is dating Millie Bobby Brown.
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Despite his lack of celebrity, Jake has claimed that he has become a target for trolls who have “a lot of unpleasant things to say.” “None of my friends or relatives would say that to me,” he said, “and those are the people I care about.” Aside from music, Jon Bon Jovi has appeared in several films, including Moonlight and The Protagonist.

What I have with my father is our love of movies,” Jake, who relocated from London to New York to study acting, said. With wife Dorothea Hurley, 59, John has a daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, 28, and sons Jesse, 25, and Romeo, 16. He met Dorothea in high school in New Jersey in 1980, and they subsequently married.

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