Debbie Whittle is known as the Celebrity wife of professional Football player Michail Antonio. Debbie was born on April 24, 1990, in United Kingdom England. She holds British nationality where She is a professional as a celebrity wife.

She has disclosed a sort of information about what type of job she does. She has disclosed her information but she’s a kind-hearted person who has been a caring mother and a responsible wife.

Qualification and Education

Debbie is the wife of Michail Anotonio famous football player. She completed her Education in England nearby her hometown. She was loved by her friends and her teacher who is the top student child. She went to university for her further studies but at the same time, she met Michail.

After that, she hasn’t mentioned any information, so there is a high chance that she left her education and moved to love life. She hasn’t disclosed other information about her further qualification education.

Physical Appearance

Debbie’s physical appearance is very perfect and she regularly does exercises to maintain her body fit. She looks very tall and fit where her height is around 5ft 4 inches (1.65 m) and her weight is around 55kg (121 Ibs). She looks beautiful with her dark hair and dark eyes. Her facial feature is amazing and her charms attack many fan and followers in her real life with her personality. She doesn’t have any tattoos on her body.

Family Background

Debbie is raised in a family where her parents are able to give her a good lifestyle. She is a Very Private person who doesn’t like to share her private information on any social site. That’s why there doesn’t have any sort of information regarding her parents and her sibling on any public sites.

There is no detail about Debbies parents and it is unknown who is her father and mother. Due to her disclosed information, she might be the only child of her parents.

Is Debbie Whittle Married?

Debbie Whittle is currently married to her husband Michail Antonio. She got married at a private wedding in 2017 but they had started dating in 2011. She found a connection soon after the initial meeting with Michail.

Debbie whittle with her husband Michail Antonio at her wedding.
Photo of Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio. Source: FactsPODIUM

They held weeding privately where the ceremony was attended by mainly close friends and close family members. A wedding ceremony was held at Hoar Cross Hall, Staffordshire which was managed by Charlotte Elis.

Martial Status

Debbie Whittle got married to Michael in 2017 and they are living a happy life. She has given her continuity in her studies when she joined her university. But at the same time, she fell in love and she stop studying and involve in her love life.

Michail has a busy schedule where he manages some time from his busy schedule for his family member. Debbie is a kind-hearted person even though she is a caring mother. She is a mother of four children Where she has raised every child in a good environment.

About Debbie’s Husband Michail Antonio

Michail Antonio is the spouse of Debbie, who was born on March 28, 1990, in Wandsworth London, United Kingdom. As of 2022, He is thirty-three years old (32 Years). He holds a Jamaica Citizenship and he is currently settled in London, United Kingdom. A professional football player Michail has been involved in English football for nearly fifteen years(15 years).

Photo of a professional football player Michail Antonio who has been wearing his football with his number 9.
Photo of Debbie Whittle’s husband Michail Antonio. Source: FourFourTwo

Antonio is also best known as a real sensation for scoring goals. He has been very active in his profession as a football player. He has spent Several loan spells trying to find a rhythm and has finally ended at west ham in 2015. As of 2022, he had been in various teams like Jamaica national football team, West Ham United F.C, and many more.

How active is Michail Antonio on Social media?

A professional Football Player Michail is very active on social sites. He is available on different sites of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He show his interest in social media whereas his wife Debbie didn’t show any interest in any social site.

Michail has been holding 346k fans and followers on his Facebook account where he holds 334k fans and followers on his Instagram and 165.6k on Twitter. For more updates and information you can follow him on his social sites. His name on Instagram is Michail Antonio, On Facebook is Michail Antonio and On Twitter is Michail Antonio.

Debbies Wittle and Michail Antonio’s children

Michail Antonio and Debbie Whittle are the proudest parents of four beautiful children. The youngest son was born after their marriage, and three of them were born before marriage. The first son’s name is Miles Antonio where the second son is Mikey Antonio and the third is baby girl Myla Rosa Antonio.

Debbie whittle with her husband Michail Antonio with four children. All of them are wearing the same dress.
Portrait photo of Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio and four children. Source: soccersouls

A Youngest son is born at the time of the Pandemic period in 2022, where her husband helped in homeschooling their three children. Michail keeps posting on his social media with his four children. Furthermore, information regarding their child hasn’t been revealed yet. Four children have raised in a good environment with parents’ support and love.

Rumors and Controversy

A Celebrity Wife Debbie is Rumors free personality. There are not many rumors about her past relationship. She is known as a celebrity wife and she hasn’t been involved in any kind of rumors or her husband. She has gathered good things because of all her hard work and as a kindhearted person.

She has a good nature with a caring mother and wife too. Many of the time, she stays at home where she has been keeping herself away from social media sites. She has disclosed much more information in public where she is rumors free personality.

Does Debbie active on social media sites?

As mentioned above, Debbie is a very private personality person. She doesn’t show any attention on social media. She managed a great distance from public platforms where she hasn’t created any profile on major social media till now.

Therefore, the information regarding her parents and siblings is undisclosed. Even due to her private personality, she hasn’t been involved in any rumors.

How much is Debbie’s Net Worth?

A famous celebrity wife Debbie Whittle is famous for her husband’s name and fame. The information regarding her profession is still undercover she hasn’t disclosed any information about her work. As per our research, she is a full-time homemaker and she is known as a caring mother as well as a wife. She hasn’t cleared about her net worth whether she has a source of income and for this, some her personal reason she hasn’t spoken about her net worth.

She is famous to her husband, who is a professional football player whose net worth is around $17 Million. His current Wage per year is around $3 million. So as if Debbie doesn’t earn any Net worth, their family can afford a lavish life with her husband’s earnings.

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