Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson, does the name ring a bell? We are sure that avid basketball fans must already know what we are talking about. If the last name didn’t give away, then let us inform you that the guy in the talk is none other than the celebrity child of pro basketball player Allen Ezail Iverson aka AI. He’s the third child amongst his five siblings, Tiaura, Allen II, Messiah, and Dream.

Today we’ll talk about NBA player Allen’s son Isaiah who’s been in the shadows for most of his life. Without further ado, let us head right in to know all of his details like his parent’s net worth, siblings, and his father’s career. 

Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson’s Father Allen Iverson’s Net Worth

Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson belongs to a family that has it all, but as everything good comes with setbacks, his family also did. His father, Allen Iverson, is one of the most influential American professional basketball players of all time, having played 14 seasons in the NBA with teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies, and Besiktas J.K.

Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson father Allen Iverson
Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson’s father Allen Iverson.
Photo Source: Inquirer

Where, the basketball player, Allen has garnered a net worth collection of $1 million. Now some would be shocked to hear that amount from a person who’s made earnings of over $200 million in his career alone, but that’s the truth. Apparently, Allen’s overspending habits and divorce made a considerable impact on his financial life leading to his current state.

In December of 2012, the sportsperson confessed that his monthly income was $62,500, whereas his expenditure was more than $360,000. He also signed a very infamous deal with Reebok where they set a $32 million trust fund for the player that will mature only in the year 2030.

Isaiah’s Parents Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner Married Life

The 20 years old Isaiah Iverson’s parents Allen Iverson and his former beau Tawanna Turner go way back to when they were in high school. Yes, you heard it right; his parents were high school sweethearts who dated each other when they were barely 16 years old. After dating for some time, they ended up tying the knot in a lavish ceremony at The Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson parents
Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson’s parents Allen and Tawana’s marriage pictures.
Photo Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Moreover, Iverson’s parents stood together through all of their thick and thins back when his dad was stuck in prison during his early career days. However, the relationship couldn’t last for too long after Allen’s habit of gambling addiction, partying, and infidelity escalated. Tawana demanded divorce not once but twice back in 2009.

Allen Rahsaan was Accused of Kidnapping Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson and His Four Siblings

During a tumultuous period in their relationship back in 2013, Allen found himself facing accusations of kidnapping their son, Isaiah, and his four siblings. The incident unfolded when Allen took the kids on a vacation to Charlotte, North Carolina. However, he deviated from the expected plan and didn’t return them on May 26. This prompted Tawanna to take legal action by filing kidnapping charges against him.

Naturally, Allen vehemently denied these allegations. However, as time went on, the situation took a positive turn. Tawanna made the decision to drop the charges and expressed that her initial actions were driven by genuine concern for her children’s well-being. Despite this challenging episode in their lives, Allen and Tawanna managed to reconcile and currently reside together in Georgia along with their five children.

Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson’s Siblings

Even though Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson is pretty much away from the media limelight due to privacy issues, he certainly enjoys a good time with the house full of his other siblings. He was born on August 8, 2003, making him the fourth child out of five siblings. His parents gave birth to five children, and Isiah happens to be the youngest son.

Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson family
Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson’s full family.
Photo Source: ECelebrity Mirror

Likewise, the young guy shares the bond with his elder brother Allen Iverson II born in 1998, and Tiaura Iverson, born in 1995. Not only that, he has another younger sister named Messiah Lauren Iverson, born in 2005, and finally another named Dream Alijha Iverson, born in 2008.

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