Giorgia Gabriele is an Italian model, fashion designer, and social media personality. Although her fruitful career helped her gain some attention, she actually came to the spotlight from her past affair with Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian Author, Entrepreneur, Disc Jockey, and Businessman. The former couple watered their relationship for three years, and in between those times together, one of their clip where they are dancing went viral on the internet. Let’s learn more about Giorgia Gabriele on today’s article.

Giorgia Gabriele’s Personal Details: Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, and Education

Before explaining anything linked with Giorgia Gabriele’s personal life, let us tell you that very little is known about her personal life.

Giorgia Gabriele met her ex, Gianluca Vacchi, back in 2010
The beautiful model Gabriele and her ex-boyfriend Gianluca Vacchi.
Photo Source: World Red Eye

Because Gabriele, 34, prefers to keep her early life information secret, details linked with her father, mother, and siblings hide behind the curtain. Likewise, no one knows where and when she graduated and completed her education. However, it is clear that she pursued a degree in business and economics in Italy.

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Speaking of Gabriele height, she stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Further, sources claim she weighs around 54 kg.

Giorgia Gabriele’s Dating History with Gianluca Vacchi

Then gorgeous model Giorgia Gabriele met her ex, Gianluca Vacchi, back in 2010, as per Earn The Necklace. However, they didn’t begin to date right after they encountered.

The former duo stayed as good friends for three years. Why? Well, Gabriele was in a relationship with Italian footballer Christian Vieri. Due to that, she never expected to have a romantic affair with Vacchi. Nevertheless, they did and were together for some time.

While Gabriele and Vacchi were together, their dancing video went viral, which helped them earn massive fan followings on their Instagram. Gradually, news about their separation was released when the Grandpa Playboy, Vacchi, was spotted with the beauty queen Ariadna Gutiérrez, 23.

Giorgia Gabriele’s Lover Andrea Grilli and Their Baby

Giorgia Gabriele ending with Vacchi began her love-life with businessman Andrea Grilli. He is well-known as the Chief Commercial Officer of New Guards Group.

Giorgia Gabriele ending with Vacchi began her love-life with businessman Andrea Grilli.
The 34-years-old Gabriele with her love Grilli and their nine months old baby.
Photo Source: Instagram

The beautiful couple, Gabriele and Grilli, is enjoying their time. They are in a healthy relationship, and further, they recently welcomed a newborn member in their family. Indeed, they gave birth to a cute baby.

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Going through Gabriele’s Instagram account, we can see her spending her time with her baby angel. She also shared a picture where she alongside her lover, Andrea Grilli, and their baby celebrating latter being 9-month-old.

Net Worth of Italian Model Giorgia Gabriele

The Italian model Giorgia Gabriele holds an impressive net worth, which crosses $600,000. Yes, she holds a six-figure-fortune and credits go to her fruitful career in the modeling world.

The Italian model Giorgia Gabriele holds an impressive net worth, which crosses $600,000.
Giorgia Gabriele lives a lavishing lifestyle.
Photo Source: Instagram

Besides modeling, Gabriele also runs her own business. She is the founder and creative director of the fashion line, Wandering. Her fashion collection was debuted and modeled in Milan and Paris.

What happened to Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele?

The viral couple Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele ended their relationship and began to date someone else.

How old is Giorgia Gabriele?

Born on December 27, 1985, the Italian beauty Giorgia Gabriele is 34-years-old.

Is Giorgia Gabriele dating?

Currently, Giorgia Gabriele is with her lover, Andrea Grilli, with whom she gave birth to a baby.

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