Gianna Kiehl is a rising actress in the British film industry. She was born in 2001. She made her big-screen debut just five years ago when she appeared on camera in the 2015 short movie How to Read Minds. Playing the role of Fawn, Gianna was met with widespread acclaim from both audiences and critics alike. She has been acting in films since 2011 and is a rising star on the British film industry’s stage, took her first step onto this stage when she played in the fantasy action-thriller Red in 2013.

She is also known as “The young actress”. She will find herself facing Downey Jr. and Gandolfini in this exciting film that tells the tale of two magicians engaged in a bitter rivalry for years that culminates into a bombastic showdown filled with mind magic and capricious beasts. It seems “Red” is not Kiehl’s final curtain call as she plans to star as an assistant to Robert De Niro later this year. Gianna Kiehl would be starring alongside Robert De Niro, who intends to play a retired mobster who sets out to commit one last heist before retiring from the business altogether.


The actress who is known for her sterling performance in several movies has been living her life off the grid hence there isn’t match information about her nationality and ethnicity due to the life she has chosen for herself to live very far from the media.

Early Life

Gianna grew up in the UK, raised by her parents, who are still living and whose last names she keeps to herself out of respect for their privacy from the public. It’s widely believed that her father is from England and is a renowned actor. it’s thought that Gianna’s mother was a professional dancer. She hasn’t spoken or disclosed about it much about having siblings, her fans mostly believe she is an only child, given how little

She has mentioned them to the media or other news channels. She matriculated around the year 2005, but she hasn’t yet spoken about whether or not she has continued her education by earning a degree in acting.

Physical Appearance

Gianna Kiehl has an attractive height, and a well-maintained body weight complements her personality. Her videos and images seem to have a slim-fit figure, while her current body stats are unclear.

This is Gianna Kiehl photo. She is wearing a black shirt. She has brown hair and a black eye.
Gianna Kiehl Beautiful Portrait Photo. Source@United Agents

She stands at a decent estimated height of five feet and five inches (5’5″) tall. Her build is slim, and she is said to be quite active. She has brown eyes and black hair, with her facial features being pretty enough to wipe out any nervousness that one might have when they appear in front of her. Another body measurement like chest size, hip size, shoe size, dress size, and waist size is still disclosed by her to the public or she may want to keep it private.


Gianna is very active and intelligent. She studied at a Local Private High School. She later graduated from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She didn’t go to school to learn acting but the training taught her everything. She received a scholarship from New York in the summer and she used that amount to go to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (Lamda) to study acting. Gianna cares so much about the arts and she has received so much good from them. She also participated in various programs.

Family Background

Gianna was born and raised in the UK. It’s believed that her father was an English actor, while she also felt that her mother was a professional dancer. But her parents’ names are still disclosed by her to the public. She hasn’t talked of having any siblings also, most fans assume she is an only child.

Relationship Status

Gianna has never talked about her personal life or relationship status to the public. She wants to keep it private from others also. She isn’t married and is currently single, although she may be dating. She has a busy career that takes up most of her time and, as a result, doesn’t have much time for relationships.

This is Gianna Kiehl photo. She is wearing army customs on shooting time. She is beautiful.
Gianna Kiehl Photo.Source@Hanna Wiki – Fandom

But she does hope to find someone intelligent, witty, charming, and funny who will sweep her off of her feet someday. She is preoccupied with her profession and does not have time to date. She is seeking her ideal partner, with whom she can share everything without reluctance and at the right time to marry. She also didn’t want to fall into controversies and rumors that harm her career.


Gianna Kiehl is a popular young actress. She has struggled so hard for success in her life. It took her almost three years to act in another short movie called Still Standing where is played the role of Becky after nearly two years, she has finally got a television series where she is playing the role of Jules in the very popular television series called Hanna. She has already appeared in more than 6 episodes now and she seems to continue working. Many believe that this is the turning point of her career. Because of her hardworking and patience, she slowly will be popular and famous in popular movies and television series.

This is Gianna Kiehl photo. She has brown hair and a black eye. She is beautiful.
Gianna Kiehl Photo.Source@AdoroCinema

Her passion and her growing talent is the vital key to her growth and if she maintains them both then, she will become a leading actress very soon. Her popular movie name is Hanna (2019), How to Read Minds (2015), and Still Standing.   She rose to prominence after her performance in How to read minds in 2015. She then appeared in the movie Still Standing 3 years after her debut in 2018 where she portrayed the role of Becky. Gianna also was seen in Amazon Studios’ Hanna and she has been searched by many on the Internet.

Recent Roles as Actress

Her recent roles in different movies include Laurel in Homesteaders (Shelburne Players), Lauren in Circle Mirror Transformation (Middlebury Actors Workshop), Lady Anne in Richard III (Middlebury Actors Workshop), and Antigone in Antigone (Middlebury Youth Company), and Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein the Musical (Middlebury Youth Company).

Aside from her work in theater, Gianna participates in Vermont Youth Orchestra as a violinist. she also teaches violin and viola to eight students between the ages of five and fourteen. She is honored to be part of a Vermont Stage production, working with inspiring and talented individuals.

Net Worth

Gianna is a model and a social media star with a global fanbase. She is perhaps most recognized for her portrayal of Hanna in the film. She has already established herself through her outstanding performances. Her acting and beautiful lifestyle assist her in swiftly growing her fan base.

This is Gianna Kiehl photo. She has brown hair and a black eye. She is beautiful. She is smiling.
Gianna Kiehl Photo.Source@Twitter

Gianna is an actress and television personality whose net worth is believed to be between $1million as of 2022. She has a sizable following on Instagram, where she posts photographs and videos documenting her affluent lifestyle. She has worked with a variety of companies. Gianna earns the most of her money from acting.

Social Media

Gianna Kiehl has amassed a significant following on Instagram id gianna.kiehl where she shares photos and videos of her glamorous daily lifestyle. There is a YouTube channel with the name ”Gianna Kiehl,” but it’s not confirmed whether it is her official channel or not.

Hopefully, she has collaborated with several brands. Gianna’s primary source of income is acting. She also collects a huge amount from social media platforms also. She has a huge fan following on social media.

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