Gary Robert Dourdin is an African American actor who has played in the American Television Series Crime Scene Investigation(CSI) as the character of Warrick Brown.

He is an outstanding actor and person who has faced challenges at different steps of his career but still is going hard and strong currently in his life.

How Was Gary’s Early Life?

Gary was born on December 11, 1966, in Philadelphia, USA. He was born into a family that used to move a lot due to various reasons. That’s why Dourdan has experienced his childhood/early life in various other cities too.

Gary Dourdan wearing a black T-shirt taking selfies on his car.
Gary Dourdan taking selfies in his car
source: Instagram @garyDourdan

At a young age, his family moved to New Jersey where he started falling in love with performing arts like acting performance, musical performances, and other various forms of arts. Later on in his life, he started working as a doorman at a rehearsal studio in Manhattan where a lot of promising and upcoming talents used to perform or rehearse.

Gary Dourdan wearing white shirt with grey sleeves and blue jeans with his mom wearing white top celebrating her birthday.
Gary Dourdan celebrating his mom’s birthday, source:instagram@garydourdan

The star of CSI Dourdan Gary Dourdan was born into a family with good economic and industry background. His father Robert Durdin was a teacher and fashion designer in Philadelphia and his mother Sandy Durdin was an entrepreneur and agent for jazz music.


From an early age, Gary Dourdan had a passion and love for arts and music. While working as a doorman he started knowing a lot of important people through whom he could have made a break in Hollywood or the music industry. He started his career as a model and in the year before he started following his acting passion.

He started doing some theatrical performances in Newyork. While he was performing in the theater, a popular actor and director Debbie Allen noted his performance and was very much impressed with his performance that he decided to give him his first official lunch in the Tv sitcom A Different world where he played a minor stint.

Gary after that started getting cameo or minor roles in various other movies and series. His movies were also acknowledged by critics and others but still, he wasn’t getting any major role to play. He was getting frustrated by that and at some point even wanted to quit but he kept moving forward.

Gary Dourdan featuring in the poster of his movie All she wrote.
Gary Dourdan in the poster of his movie All She Wrote, source:instagram@garydourdan

In the year 2000, his hard work and patience paid off as he got his first major role and big break as he was cast on the American Tv series Crime Scene Investigation as the character of Warrick Brown. He is widely acknowledged for his role as Warrick Brown and later began getting great roles such as portraying the role of great boxer Muhamad Ali and controversial black rights advocate Malcolm X.

He has also got a good reputation as a musician in the music industry. He has worked as a record producer and musician although he hasn’t officially launched his music for all to listen to and enjoy, some selective fans of his do have access to it.

What Is The Relationship Status Of CSI Warrick Brown?

Gary Dourdan has been involved in various relationships throughout his life. He started dating Roshumba Williams and the two got married in the year 1992 before getting divorced in 1995.

After getting divorced, Gary started dating Jennifer Sutton in 1995. They were in a relationship for 5 years before parting their ways in 2000. Then later in the year 2001, he started dating Cynthia Hayden.

Likewise, he had a history with Nicole Vail Cannizzaro, Jorja Fox, and Lisa Snowdon in the 2000s but none of that relationships lasted longer and was never a fruitful relationship in his career. Currently, Our Warrick Brown isn’t dating anyone and is Single.

Does Gary Have Children?

Yes, Gary does have children, from his multiple relationships with different women Garry has been fortunate to be blessed with one girl and one boy.

While dating Jennifer Sutton he had his son named Lyric Dourdan and while being in a relationship with Cynthia Hayden he had a daughter named Nyla Durdon.

Greg wearing a Black shirt and Black pants with his daughter Nyla wearing a grey shirt and white pants.
Gray with his daughter Nyla, source:instagram@garydourdan

What Is Gary’s Net Worth?

Gary has come a long way from starting his career as a doorman to having played minor roles in TV shows and movies to be the center of attraction in the TV SERIES CSI, The climbing up and success he had gotten in his career has also increased his bank balance. As of 2022, Warrick Brown has a staggering net worth of more than $500 thousand.

His primary income source could be attributed to his acting career and his little music career. Also, secondary income is modeling and advertising, and sponsorship.

Tragedy In Gary Dourdan’s life

Gary’s life has been stuck with tragedy from his early childhood, when Gary was age 6, his older brother tragically died. His brother’s death at that time was seen to be like murder but the investigation never reached any conclusion and Gary never had closure.

Physical Appearance

The 55- year-old actor of the popular series CSI has a great physique, with the star being of the respectable height of 6 feet 2 inches or 188 cm and weight being around 82kg he is a good-looking and dashing man.

He has Dark brown hair with unique Green colour eyes. He has got Type II fair skin and has a chin curtain beard with afro hairs.

Awards And Recognization

Gary has a terrific actor and portrayed his role with full dedication, such a person definitely gets awards and recognization for what has been an outstanding career. He has got awards for CSI, The Weekend, and All she wrote.

In 2003 he got an award in Golden globe for his brilliant performance in Television Series CSI. Likewise, he has also been awarded as best actor for his role in All he won in different award shows.

Controversies And Legal problem

Gray in his career has been involved in a lot of controversies and legal problems. In his career during his low time grey got hooked on drugs and became an addict.

For a long, he had been accused of carrying drugs and in the year 2008 the accusation turned out to be true. Gray turned out to be carrying hard drugs like Heroin and ecstasy with him when police raided him and arrested him. Similarly, in 2011 he was caught with possession of oxycontin but these charges were dropped and since then he has been fighting his addiction and trying to be a better person in his life.

Is CSI Star On Social media?

Dourdan has caught on to the trends and is quite active and regularly posting on social media. The CSI Warrick Brown is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram where he has a good engagement with his followers.

He has a verified Instagram account named @garydourdan in which he has total followers of 205k as of April 2022. He has a Twitter account of his own name with 17.1k followers and is very much active on both platforms.

Charity And Social Work

Gray Dourdan has made a fortune out of his life through his acting career and as a person with such wealth, he is also a person with a good heart who has been actively participating in Charity and social work around the world.

He is associated with a children’s foundation which has been working for the welfare of children around the globe. He posts regular updates on his Instagram handle about the work being done for making children’s life better.

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