Danika Yarosh is an American actress who is famous for portraying the role of Holly Herkimer in the popular American Tv series Shameless.

Her acting performance and her beauty have caught the eyes of many of her fans and she is also widely popular for her other roles as Manilla Bennet in the mini-series Heroes Reborn.

Who Are Danika’s Parents And Family?

Danika Yarosh was born on 1st October 1988 in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. She was the third child among the four of Linda and Victor Yarosh. Her family root is traced back to eastern Europe although she is an American citizen since birth.

A young Danika Yarosh with her Mom Linda Yarosh riding a horse.
A young Danika Yarosh with her Mom Linda Yarosh. Source: Instagram@danikayarosh.

Her father used to work in the US Army where he served in the air force. In her family, she has three siblings, two being an older sister and brother named Amanda Mani Yarosh and Erik Yarosh than her, and one younger brother named peter Yarosh.

Early Life

Yarosh was born and raised in Morristown where she stayed for some time before moving to Bedminister, New Jersey where she spent most of her early life.

From a tender age, she was actively participating in dancing and was also competing in national to state-level competitions. She regularly took dancing and acting class at an early age which later became fruitful for her acting career.

A young Danika Yarosh playing with her dad.
A young Danika Yarosh playing with her dad. Source: Instagram@danikayarosh.

During the age of six, she had already become an actor as she featured as an extra in the 2004 Horror comedy movie The Stepford Wives. After appearing in the movie later she went on to do some little cameos in the role of extra in different other movies at a young age.


From the age of six Yarosh has been getting a cameo in various movies and series. At the age of 12 years, she along with her mother moved to Los Angeles for being an actor and she started getting roles in short movies like Angeles and Nerd Walls.

Her big break came in her career when she got the chance to start in the main role for the movie about C.k Williams’s life titled “The Color of Time”. This was the movie that began her career as a lead actress and the star she is today. She was then portrayed in the tv series 1600 Penn following the success of her movie color of time.

In 2014, she was called on to play the role of Holly Herkimer in the popular American tv series Shameless. This role of her got noticed as the series shameless is one of the most-watched shows in the Us. She appeared in 11 seasons between seasons 4 and 5 of the series. likewise following the success of her Shameless, she got another prominent role she is famous for currently. She was asked to play the character of Malina Bennet in the mini-series Heroes Reborn.

Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet wearing a brown T-short and white top In Heroes Reborn
Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet In Heroes Reborn. Source @IMDb.

Since then she has been landing good roles for her and her career trajectory currently is moving upwards still, at a young age, she seems to be a superstar in the near future.

Awards And Recognization

Holly Herkimer of Shameless has been a terrific actress and has caught the attention of many people. She is widely loved among the fan community of shameless and Heroes Reborn for her outstanding performance.

Not only are her fans that have loved her performance, but the juries of different award shows have also liked her performance and have honored her with awards in 2014 she was awarded the young artist award for her role in the comedy series 1600 pen. Likewise, a year later in 2015, she got nominated for the young artist award for her role in the shameless series. Also in 2016 for her brilliant performance in the series heroes Reborn as Malina Bennet, she was awarded the young entertainer of the year award and young artist award again.

Physical Appearance

Malina Bennet of Heroes Reborn is a slim-figured girl, with a fair skin complex. Her height is decent as she is 5 feet 5 inches which is not so tall or small. She weighs around 50 kg and has a body figure of 32-28-32.

She has beautiful long blonde hair and unique blue eyes which are mesmerizing to see.

Danika Yarosh wearing a sky blue T-shirt and Blue jeans posing for the camera.
Danika Yarosh posing for the camera. Source: Instagram@danikayarosh.

What Is Malina Bennet’s Of Heroes Reborn Relationship Status?

Danika Yarosh might have caught media attention and fame, so early in her career but there is not much information about her relationship endeavor so far.

She is extremely private when it comes to this kind of information, she also hasn’t been seen with anyone that can arouse some suspicions. It looks like Malina of Heroes Reborn currently wants to focus on building her career and is probably single.

What Is The Networth Of Danika Yarosh?

Danika Yarosh has been active in Hollywood from a young age, although the role she used to play was limited or just a cameo, recently she has got big checks in movies and series in her career.

Figuring out her net worth of her is a tough job as there hasn’t been much talk or info about it. However many articles from various media outlets have listed her net worth to be 750k as of April 2022. Her primary source of income is her acting career so far whereas she also has made some money from sponsorship and other various platforms.

Does She Use Social Media?

In this age when social media has been the best platform to connect and engage with fans, many celebrities prefer to use and among them is Yarosh herself. She is active on Twitter and Instagram where she regularly engages with her fans and posts content frequently.

Danika Yarosh at a restaurant.
Danika Yarosh at a restaurant. Source: Instagram@danikayarosh.

She has an Instagram account with the username @danikayarosh which is a verified account with 242k followers as of April 2022. She has a wide variety of posts on her Instagram from social causes to her movies and series promotion to her regular photos. Her Twitter account is also a verified account where she has a username @danikayarosh with 13.2k followers as of April 2022.

What kind Of Lifestyle Does She Live?

Holly Herkimer of Shameless has been living her life to the full, as someone who has made fortune for herself through her acting career, she has been one of the most paid young actresses in the world.

Her lifestyle is luxurious and enjoys traveling a lot during her free time to various locations around different parts of the globe. She likes to spend most of her time with her close friends and family and likes to keep secrets about her personal life.

Danika Yarosh wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt with specs enjoying the Scottish Highlands.
Danika Yarosh enjoying Scottish Highlands. Source: Instagram@danikayarosh.

Does Danika Yarosh Own A Pet?

Yarosh when it comes to animals is a big dog lover, who likes to play and pet them. She does own a dog named bean which is a pug breed dog.

She has posted pictures of her dog various times on her Instagram. From the picture of her dog, it seems that it is a healthy dog and her affection for it is enormous.

Danika Yarosh wearing a t-shirt with her dog wearing a Halloween costume.
Danika Yarosh with her dog. source: Instagram@danikayarosh.


Danika Yarosh is a star that has made her career so far by mostly focusing on her career itself rather than getting to indulge in some stir-up controversies. So, far there hasn’t been any controversy that has surrounded her.

Regarding rumors, Yarosh is a private person who doesn’t like to talk much about her personal life, so because of that, there haven’t been some hot rumors regarding her in the media.

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