A YouTuber is currently in the news on social media due to a rumor that he has died. Most of you have also been following Garrett Hilbert’s death rumors on various social media platforms and are curious whether he is dead or alive. Do a lot of people want to know who Garrett is? So now we have some information on this Youtube sensation. Hilbert is an American Youtuber who co-founded the wildly popular “Dude Perfect” channel. The channel now has more than 56.7 million subscribers as of 2021.

Many sources claim that Garrett Hilbert has died, but it isn’t confirmed yet. There is no official announcement of his death. So, we are unable to provide the details that he is alive or dead. One rumor was widely spreading on social media regarding the YouTuber’s death, that he died in a car accident. But, as we mentioned earlier, any official confirmation isn’t yet released by any of his family members.

Garrett Hilbert is enjoying with his friends.
Garrett Hilbert with his friends.
Photo Source: Instagram

Other co-founders of the channel “Dude Perfect” include Cory Cotton and CobyTyler ToneyCody Jones, and Hilbert. Currently, “Dude Perfect” is the most popular channel in the United States and the sports channel with the second most followers on the Youtube platform. Hilbert is an important member of the channel and a talented person. When he records or develops videos for his channel, he always gives his best. He’s also known as “The Red Head” or “The Purple Hoser. Garrett believes in providing viewers with unique and interesting information.

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The narrative behind their first video and how they decided to make it is fascinating. When he and his friends used to play basketball together, he said they used to create a bet on sandwiches. They videotaped their basketball game and posted it to their YouTube channel. The video became popular on social media after a week and gained a lot of views and comments. He and his pals have seen a video providing summer camp suggestions that have become fairly popular.

Garrett Hilbert is spending time with his friends.
Garrett Hilbert tour with his team.
Photo Source: Instagram

After gaining moderate success on the YouTube channel, ESPN’s “E:60” contacted Hilbert and his buddies to request footage. That clip was afterward aired on various television shows, including “Excuse me for disturbing,” “Around the Horn,” and “SportsNation.” It aided in the growth of the channel’s popularity and subscriber base.

They worked with various people, including actor Paul Rudd, volleyball player Morgan Baker, and others. Aside from that, in 2011, the team published a mobile game called “Dude Perfect” for iOS and Android, as well as a sequel called “Dude Perfect 2.” The channel also broadcasted its own programming.

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