Enrica Cenzatti, the former wife of Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, is currently single. Following her divorce from Bocelli in 2002, there have been no reports linking her to any romantic relationships with other men.

Enrica Cenzatti’s Wiki/ Bio

Enrica Cenzatti is the former spouse of the talented singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and operatic tenor, Andrea Bocelli.

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Enrica Cenzatti is of Italian nationality.

Not much is known about her family background or early years, but it is believed that Cenzatti was born around 1969. Enrica holds Italian nationality, though her specific ethnicity remains undisclosed.

Enrica Cenzatti And Andrea Bocelli’s Married Life

The celebrity wife Enrica and her spouse Bocelli’s love story began when she was just 17 years old. Instantly enchanted by his mesmerizing voice, they quickly fell deeply in love. Their beautiful journey led them to tie the knot in June 1992, and they welcomed two lovely children into their lives, Amos and Matteo.

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Enrica Cenzatti shares two kids with Andrea Bocelli.

Moreover, the duo’s first meeting took place at a piano bar in Chianni, Italy, where Andrea showcased his musical talents. Enrica was immediately drawn to his voice, sparking a conversation that uncovered shared interests, like their love for French literature. Four years of dating culminated in a joyful wedding celebration with an outdoor reception and a romantic Mediterranean honeymoon cruise.

Likewise, the beautiful Enrica played a vital role in Andrea’s life due to his visual impairment, guiding and describing the world he couldn’t see with vivid and loving narration. She became his figurative and literal “guide.”

Likewise, the couple’s devotion led to the birth of their two sons, Amos in February 1995 and Matteo in October 1997. Despite being away for Amos’ birth, Andrea was present to welcome Matteo into the world.

However, after a decade of marriage, the celebrity love mates’ paths eventually diverged, and the couple decided to separate in 2002. Andrea returned to his birthplace in Tuscany, while Enrica settled in Forte dei Marmi, near Andrea’s villa. Despite the divorce, they remained dedicated parents, raising their children together.

Who Is Andrea Bocelli?

The household name Bocelli is a famous Italian opera singer known for his incredible voice and blending of opera and pop music. He was born on September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, Italy, but became completely blind at the age of 12 due to a football accident.

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Andrea Bocelli with his second wife and daughter. Image Source: DailyMail

Likewise, the 64 years old star’s career took off in 1992 when he recorded a demo for Italian pop star Zucchero Fornaciari, which caught the attention of the renowned tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Bocelli’s fame grew, and he won the newcomer’s section of the 44th Sanremo Music Festival in 1994.

One of his most famous songs is “Time to Say Goodbye,” a duet with Sarah Brightman. He performed for Pope Francis and held a live-streamed concert from the Duomo Cathedral of Milan on Easter Sunday in 2020.

Similarly, Bocelli has collaborated with many artists, including Celine Dion, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, and Ariana Grande.

In addition, Andrea’s talents have earned him numerous awards and nominations, including Grammy nominations and a Golden Globe win for his duet with Dion, “The Prayer.”

In November 2020, the Hollywood star released his 17th studio album, “Believe,” and he is set to perform at the Coronation Concert on May 7 at Windsor Castle.

What Is Enrica Cenzatti Doing Today?

The former celebrity spouse Enrica, a former air hostess, is the loving mother of two children, Amos and Matteo.

Preferring to keep her life private, the gorgeous lady doesn’t disclose much about her career and daily activities. However, she plays an integral role in raising her two sons, actively engaged in their lives. She stands as a pillar of support for her husband’s successful career and has been a significant influence on his journey.

Also, Cenzatti shares a close and enduring bond with her sons, Amos and Matteo, despite the separation from their father. The family’s love and connection remain strong, fostering a nurturing environment for their children’s growth and happiness.

To add more, Cenzatti’s sons have achieved remarkable success in Hollywood, California. They have both collaborated with some of the most prominent names in the music industry, carving out their own paths and establishing themselves as accomplished musicians. Their talents have earned them recognition and a respected place in the world of music.

Andrea Bocelli Has Moved On His Love Life

Andrea and Veronica Berti have been happily married after the household name’s split with his first wife, and the now couple’s journey together has been filled with love and music. Their love story began in 2002 at a party, where Andrea serenaded her with an aria. Since that special moment, they decided to move in together and start their relationship.

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Enrica Cenzatti and Veronica Berti are married for almost ten years,

Despite a significant age difference of 25 years, Berti and her husband have found a way to make their marriage work, and their bond has only grown stronger with time. In 2014, they officially tied the knot, and that same year, they welcomed their daughter, Virginia, into the world. The couple exchanged their vows at the beautiful Sanctuary of Madonna di Montenero in Tuscany, Italy, sealing their love in a memorable ceremony.

Currently, the love companions reside in Tuscany and are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

What Is Enrica Cenzatti’s Net Worth?

While the exact net worth of Cenzatti remains unknown, it is believed that she received a significant amount from her divorce settlement with Andrea Bocelli.

As of 2023, Bocelli is estimated to have a staggering net worth of $100 million, accumulated through his highly successful music career spanning over three decades. With 15 solo studio albums and four compilation albums, he has sold over 90 million records worldwide. Further, he has earned income from endorsements, sponsorships, and his social media presence.

Where Cenzatti’s divorce settlement is reported to include a certain percentage of Bocelli’s assets, amounting to an estimated $10 million. She also received around $5 million as part of the divorce settlement from her ex-husband. Furthermore, she continues to receive financial support for the upbringing of their two children.

Physical Appearance

Despite her desire for privacy, some information is available about Cenzatti’s physical appearance.

At 54 years old, the pretty woman stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg or 121 pounds. Her body measurements are 34-28-38 inches (Chest-Waist-Hips), and she possesses captivating dark brown eyes. Cenzatti is known for taking good care of her body, and her beauty is evident.

How Is Enrica Cenzatti’s Social Media Presence?

Although Cenzatti gained fame through her association with her ex-husband’s popularity, she maintains a private and secretive life, avoiding any presence on social media platforms.

Similarly, the media personality is not active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and she does not have any public accounts on these platforms. It is possible that she has personal accounts, but they remain undisclosed to the public.

However, her ex-spouse, Fall On Me artist Bocelli is active on Instagram with over 2,1 million followers on His Instagram account @andreabocelliofficial and over 6.4 million followers on Facebook. Not only on Instagram and Facebook, he has also massed over 300.1 thousand followers on Twitter with the username @AndreaBocelli.

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