Ellen Heidingsfelder‘s husband, Cooper Manning, is an American entrepreneur and television personality who is the anchor of Fox Sports’ The Manning Hour and the principal and senior managing director of investor relations at AJ Capital Partners. He is the older brother of Peyton and Eli Manning, both former NFL quarterbacks, and the eldest son of Archie Manning, a former professional football quarterback. His mother is Olivia Manning.

The American TV personality played professional football in the National Football League in 1998, which is interesting. His football career ended shortly after he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Regarding his relationship status, Manning is a married man. So, let’s know about his relationship timeline with his wife.

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning’s Married Life

Cooper Manning is a married guy who is a lesser-known member of the famed Manning family. Ellen Heidingsfelder, a practicing lawyer, was his wife. She proceeded to the University of Virginia and Loyola University’s Law School to study law and become an attorney. She stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 6 inches tall and has maintained a weight of around 60 kg. Ellen is currently working as an attorney in the United States.

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning married in 1999.
Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning are a happily married couple.
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The Manning couple met as children, according to sources. They didn’t have feelings for one other back then, though. They developed feelings for each other as they grew older. In March 1999, the pair finally tied the knot. Cooper is five years senior, Ellen.

The couple does have an Instagram account, but Ellen’s account is private, and Cooper has a public profile. She has 1.1k Instagram followers and 109 posts on her account. On the other hand, Manning has 3.8k Instagram followers with few uploads. The couple rarely uploads family photos.

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning’s Children

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper and Manning have three children Cooper: Arch Manning and Hed Manning, two sons, and May Manning, a daughter. In addition, May is a volleyball enthusiast and is the firstborn child of the Manning family, having been born in 2002. May also go to the Academy of the Sacred Heart (a private all-girls Catholic high school) and is now a freshman at the University of Virginia, where her mother, Ellen was also a student.

Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning have three children.
Ellen Heidingsfelder and Cooper Manning are with their children.
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Similarly, their son, Arch, plays quarterback at Isidore Newman, the same school where his father and uncle both went. He is the Manning Family’s second-born child, having been born in the year 2004. Heid, Mannings’ youngest child, was born in 2006 and grew up to adore football. He enjoys playing football with his older brother. Likewise, May is in his early twenties, Arch is two years junior to May, and Heid is a year junior to Arch.

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