What Is The Net Worth Collection of Elaine Callei Trebek?

Elaine Callei Trebek spent decades of her life toiling for her perfect career and lifestyle backed by her talent. She’s renowned as both a Playboy Bunny as well as a businesswoman and a broadcaster who appeared in the CHCH-TV.

Elaine Callei Trebek and her ex-husband Alex Trebek
Elaine Callei Trebek enjoys her net worth of millions.
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Not many can achieve the things that the hardworking businesswoman has accumulated in her career, whether it be fame or money. According to sources, Elaine’s made a whopping net worth collection of $15 million as of 2021 from her various business endeavors.

Not only that but her highly successful ex-spouse Alex Trebek is worth much more than that. At the age of 80, he made over $75 million in his career with an annual salary of $18 million.

He owned millions of worth chain of real estate properties like a 10,000 square foot mansion in California bought for $2.15 million, a $4.1 million 724 acre horse ranch in Creston, California, which they sold for $10 million and a $1.4 million 30 acre lake house in Nacimiento, California.

Elaine Callei Trebek Career Highlight

As for Elaine Callei Trebek’s career, she graduated with a degree in journalism from Ohio State University in Columbus. Her job was far from journalism as she was a Playboy bunny in the 1960s who worked under the pseudonym “Teddy Howard.”

Elaine Callei Trebek is a businesswoman
Elaine Callei Trebek is a businesswoman/reporter.
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Later on, the 58-year-old moved to Canada, Ontario, with her first husband, Louis Callie, and established her very own promotion and party planning business. After a while, she started focusing on her journalism career and joined CHCH-TV as the host of the daily talk show Call Callei. The show gained immense popularity for dealing with sexual topics on television.

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After finding a better opportunity on CTV’s Canada AM after Carole Taylor quit the show, the TV host left CHCH-TV. She’s currently launched a perfume line with the name Scent Seal and an art gallery named Gallery GO-based in Los Angeles, California.

Elaine Callei Trebek Marriage, Divorce and Children As of 2021

Elaine Callei Trebek’s enjoyed her share of relationships, having been married not once but thrice to date. She was previously in a committed relationship with her first husband, Louis Callei, and they shared a daughter named Nicky Trebek.

Elaine Callei Trebek is married to Peter Kares
Elaine Callei Trebek is married to Peter Kares.
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Sadly though, the pair parted ways in 1974, and Elaine married her second husband, Alex Trebek, a successful game show host, and television personality. The said couple happened to meet each other on the CBC sets and eventually married each other in 1974.

They too divorced in 1981 after roughly seven or eight years of relationship. At present, the businesswoman is happily married to her third husband, Peter Kares. They married, took their wedding vows back on 18 March 2001, and are about to celebrate 20 years of togetherness in 2021.

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