Duane “Dog” Chapman took a break from dealing with the media and spreading his thoughts on police enforcement around the country to wish his wife, a Merry Christmas. This year, dog and his new wife Francie Frane used a wedding photo as their Christmas card, wishing their followers and friends a Merry Christmas.

Frane is wearing her wedding gown and sitting in front of a fireplace, her sneaker-clad feet propped up on the ledge in front of the flames. Dog, dressed in a black and silver suit, is taking a knee next to her, leaning in on his knee. “Merry Christmas and God bless!” the photo’s caption stated.

Duane Chapman took a break from dealing with the media.
Duane Chapman and his new wife reveal special Christmas card fans.
Source: Instagram

The holidays have been a time for Chapman and his new bride to appreciate and enjoy their relationship. They had to postpone their wedding owing to the pandemic, and then the Brian Laundrie hunt after Gabby Petito‘s disappearance ruined their honeymoon.

“This year, as I begin the Christmas season with my wonderful bride, I’m feeling very grateful. Merry Christmas to you and yours!” Chapman wrote in another piece for Thanksgiving, which marks the start of the holiday season.

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Chapman was a focal point during the Laundrie hunt, saying his crew was on top of the search despite not cooperating directly with authorities. Chapman sparked outrage with his public remarks against Laundrie and his parents. “Let me have you, Brian,” Chapman stated on film during a Sun interview. “What exactly did you do? Aren’t you living it every night, boy? Brian, turn yourself in. Be a guy for once in your life.”

At the same time, Chapman was dealing with family strife after his ex-wife Beth Chapman‘s death. Due to their absence of an invitation, Bonnie and Cecily Chapman hinted at turmoil with their father before the wedding. They began to speak out about his actions when he claimed his children had been indoctrinated.

“In terms of the notion that I’m being indoctrinated, this is the most stupid thing my father has ever said. I didn’t think he’d go so far as to suggest I was indoctrinated to discredit me. I’m worried about him “According to Bonnie Chapman, who spoke to Entertainment Tonight. “He’s started to believe in outlandish conspiracy theories. My father’s only credibility to speak about brainwashing is as a victim.”

Duane Chapman and his new bride to appreciate and enjoy their relationship.
Duane Chapman is currently married to Francie Frane. Source: Instagram

It’s just Dog and his new bride for the holidays. There is no other family present for the Christmas greeting, which sends a little signal to paying attention. Chapman has also faced backlash over racist charges made by his estranged daughters. He has worked with Patrick Thomas Tarmey, Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis, etc., from Bounty Hunter.

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