Diggy Simmons is a rapper, and songwriter, model from America. He is often known for Diggy, but his actual name is Daniel Dwayne Symmons. Born on the 21st of March,1955, Diggy struggled with OCD since he was 18 months.

He is the son of Joseph Simmons, who is also an American rapper, producer, Dj, and Television personality. People mostly recognize him as a Run, Rev. Ren or DJ Run. Diggy’s father is also a member of an influential group called Run DMC.

His mother’s name is Justine Simmons she is the second wife of his dad, Joshep Simmons. His mother works in TV reality show series and runs the house. Simmons has three siblings Victoria Anne Simmions, Miley Simmons, Russel Simmions jr. Diggy is the fourth child of his father.

Diggy Simmons’ Net Worth

Diggy Simmons is a very famous Rapper from the music industry at a very young age. At the age of 14, he began his career and officially released his first mixed tape. Similarly, he is rising and doing great in his raping career.

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Diggy Simmons using the car as a prop.Source:Schonmagazine.com

Simmons’ net worth is estimated to have been $4 million, which is generated by rapping, modeling, acting, and sponsoring with several labels, including Dries van Noten, BODE, Salvator Ferragamo, and others.


The Startup actor Diggy established his career line when he was 14 years old as a rapper when he published his first Mixtape. After the release of the Mixtape, Atlantic record approaches him and he signs a contract with them

In 2010 his videos went viral after he post a video of him freestyling to Nas’s song ”Made you look” which was a massive success and got praised by famous rapper Kanye west on his social media platform.

Diggy – Text Me (Official Video) ft. Leven Kali.

After a while, he released two more tapes named ”Airborne” (2010) and ”Past, present(s) future” (2011).In the coming future, we can see his new album ”Out of this world”.

Besides rapping, Diggy is involved in modeling, composing, songwriting, and acting. His first debut on-screen role was in the MTV reality series Run’s House, which was about his own family.

On the 13th of October 2005, their family reality show was released and lasted until six seasons.

Father: Joseph Simmons, aka DJ Run

Daniel Dwayne Simmons is the son of Joseph Simmons, who is a well-known rapper. Diggy follows in his dad’s footsteps and pursues his career as a rapper.

His dad (Joseph Simmons) got married to his mother (Justine Simmon) on June 25, 1994. His mother is the second wife of his dad.

Diggy’s dad first tied the knot with Valerie Vaughn, and they both got married in 1983. Both couples continue their relationship and stayed together for more than ten years.

His father has three children with Valerie Vaughn, who are Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, and Joseph Ward Simmons jr. Besides that, from Justine Simmons’s side, they got four children Daniel Dwayne Simmions(Diggy), Victoria Anne Simmions, Miley Simmons, and Russel Simmons jr.


Diggy Simmons has three biological siblings Victoria Anne Simmons, Miley Simmon, and Russel Simmons, whereas from his stepmom, he got half siblings Venessa, Angela, and Joseph.

Diggy Simmons with his family
Diggy Simmons with his family. Source: @celebliveupdate.

His own brother Russel Simmons is the middle child of his family, who was born on August 30, 1997, and is known as a musician, rapper, and actor. Miley is the youngest among all three of them, and she was born in 2007. Her personal things are not disclosed by the member of her family. She is the least famous person in the entire house because she is too young and doesn’t get much attention from the media.

His step-sister Angela Simmons is known as a supermodel and a shoe designer for a Pastry brand. Similarly, she is also an actress, producer, and Tv host. Besides that, his other siblings are also doing well in their careers, and both of them are linked to the acting line.

Death of Diggy’s Sister

The Celebrity Family Feud actor Diggy Simmons has to go through a lot of difficulties and hard times during the years of Victoria’s birth because she was born before the due date. Hence, she was just four pounds and five ounces, whereas most children’s weight is supposed to be over 7.5 pounds or not less than 5.5.

Victoria was born with a disease called Omphalocele, which is a rare abdominal wall defect. In such cases, the organs of the baby tend to grow outside of the body, and she died on September 26, 2006, on the day she was born.

His family broadcast and explained briefly about the pregnancy and the entire birth of Victoria and her death as well. Furthermore, after her death, Diggy’s parents adopted a one-month-old baby girl and named her Milley Simmons.

Diggy’s Relationship

The Unexpected Arrival album maker Diggy Simmons is very secretive about his love life. However, he is shipped with many people in his emerging career. In 2020, he was dating one of his co-stars of Grown-ish Chloe Bailey.

Diggy and Chloe first met on the set of Grown-ish, and the two of them have worked together since the show began in the year 2018.

The rumors of both being in a relationship are assumed by seeing them together on a dinner date and spending quality time with one another, despite the fact that neither of them confirmed it officially.

Launched Sneakers Business Inspired By Kanye and Jay Z

Diggy Simmons launched his own business in 2010; It was of urban sneakers, which he named Chivalrous Culture.

The idea of launching the brand came from Kanye West and Jay Z. He admired them and got inspired to do something on his own. His first official shoe model was called ”Himachi”.However, now the Chiv culture is no longer in the process due to his personal reason.

Run’s House

Access Hollywood actor Diggy Simmons’s father’s series Run’s House featured all of his siblings and his mother. It is an American reality TV series that was released on 2005-10-13.

In this reality show, Diggy’s father’s (Joshep Simmons) song was used as a theme song, and the show’s name was also formed by the Run D.MC. Album Tougher than Leather. The series was shot in their own house, which was located on the Saddle River, New Jersey.

Run’s house series is all about the family life of the Simmons family where Joshep and Justine teach their children about love, affection, and important morals in their lives.

Body measurement

Diggy has a decent height of 5 feet and 8 inches. His body color is light in color and he got a slimly built fit body. He is considered a handsome actor and rapper in America.

Diggy Simmons is clicking pictures for Instagram. Source: [email protected].

His facial feature is the most attractive feature of all; he has a sharp jawline, Black eyes, and black hair, which complements his entire personality.

Social media

Diggy is active on his social sites, although he only posts limited pictures of him on his social sites. He is followed by 1.7m on his Instagram: Diggy Simmons where he posts a picture of himself and information regarding his upcoming launch. Additionally, on his Twitter: Diggy, he is followed by 1.4m followers and joined Twitter in 2009.

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Diggy Simmons is a striking pose for Instagram. Source: [email protected] Simmons.

He handles his social media platform by himself and his picture and work are praised by many of his fans. Furthermore, He has various fan accounts and pages where we can see people going crazy over him.

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