Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie’s Relationship Detail and Children’s

Diane Alexander first met Lionel Richie in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympic Games ceremony, where Lionel was playing. Diane and Lionel began dating soon after meeting each other. Lionel was already married to Brenda Harvey, and they had an adopted daughter named Nicole Richie.

The couple’s relationship quickly came to the media’s attention when Lionel’s wife Brenda caught the two of them red-handed in Diane’s apartment. Brenda was arrested after sexually assaulting her husband and his lover. Lionel divorced Brenda in 1993, and two years later, married Diane.

Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie began dating soon after meeting each other.
Diane Alexander first met Lionel Richie in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympic Games ceremony.
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The couple is the parents of two children. Miles Brockman was born a year before their marriage in 1996, and Sofia Richie was born on August 24, 1998. Unfortunately, Diane and Lionel’s relationship did not work out, and their 7-year marriage ended in 2003 due to irreconcilable differences.

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The fashion designer’s relationship with Lionel was always beneficial to the socialite because not only did their marriage bring her into the spotlight, but their divorce made her much more successful. As a result, Diane has grown up and moved on from her previous relationship. Recently, the socialite has been dating another guy. She declared her engagement to Dave Kenny in 2015. Since then, the couple has been living happily together. Diane and Dave have been married for four years.

Former American Dancer and Fashion Designer Diane Alexander

Diane Alexander was a dancer who appeared in films such as Forget Paris and Lake Girls. The social climber has worked as a clothing designer, which she continues to do as her primary source of income. Before meeting Lionel, Diane even served as a waitress.

The dancer starred in Lionel Richie’s music videos, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling,’ in 1986, which catapulted her into the spotlight after dating him. Diane’s claim to fame, however, is that she is the ex-wife of Lionel Richie.

Diane Alexander starred in Lionel Richie's music videos, Dancing on the Ceiling, in 1986.
Diane Alexander was a dancer who appeared in films such as Forget Paris and Lake Girls.
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The Celebrity Wife’s net worth is unknown, but she has been fortunate since her partnership with Lionel. Diane lived a lavish life when she was Lionel’s best half, and her divorce alimony of $20 million contributed significantly to her net worth.

According to sources, Alexander requested $300,000 a month from Lionel, including $15,000 monthly allowances, a $20,000 annual budget for cosmetic surgery, and $50,000 for massages and manicures. Her professional work as a textile designer makes her $65,000 per year. Diane, without a doubt, continues to live a luxurious life with a million-dollar net worth.

Diane Alexander’s statistics

Diane Alexander was born on June 16, 1967. The actress is 52 years old, and her birth sign is Gemini. Diane, Lionel Richie’s ex-wife, has a stunning physique. Despite her age, she has kept her body and figure in good shape. Alexander is a tall beauty with an average height of 5’9(1.75m) and a bodyweight of about 69kgs (152).

Diane Alexander is 52 years old, and her birth sign is Gemini.
Diane Alexander was born on June 16, 1967.
Image source: Instagram

The 52-year-old was born and raised in the United States of America, so she is of American descent and Caucasian. While little is known about her educational history, Diane appears to be a well-educated woman. There isn’t much detail about her family since she wasn’t a star until she married famous musician Lionel Richie. Diane also prefers to keep her personal and private life private.

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