Destiney Rose’s Staggering Net Worth Collection

Destiney Rose is a famous Iranian television character who is most known for appearing on Bravo’s unscripted television program “Shahs of Sunset.” She was formerly regarded as one of The People’s Couch’s stars by viewers. Destiney appeared on the show with her sister, Cathy, and at the time, Destiney worked as an advance supervisor at a dance club, while Cathy worked as a director and bartender under her.

Destiney Rose is living a lavish lifestyle.
Destiney Rose is a millionaire.
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The fortune of the 40-year-old is considered to be $1.4 million. Destiney is the founder and CEO of Liquid Sweets, an event planning company, in addition to her pay from Shahs of Sunset (and her previous earnings from The People’s Couch). She had ten years of experience in the event planning market when it launched in 2018. Before her time on Shahs, she had also managed a nightclub.

On the other hand, her present monthly wage is unremarkable in the eyes of the general public. Her current goal is to strike a better work-life balance and devote more time to her family. Destiney is a firm believer in a hard effort and does not believe in fate or destiny. She creates her own rules and does not adhere to the standard guidelines.

Destiney Rose’s Relationship Status. Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Because of the familial troubles Destiney Rose experienced as a child, she doesn’t seem to be interested in relationships. Either she doesn’t seem interested, or she is a master of secrecy, as evidenced by little is known about her dating life.

Destiney Rose isn't married yet.
Destiney Rose is living a single life.
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The beautiful lady was once associated with Mike Shouhed. However, she later clarified that the two would not make good lovers. Rose stated in an interview that she feared she would damage Mike Shouhed’s personality and that she was not the ideal match for him.

Mike Shouhed said Destiney Rose was not a straight woman, but Destiney claimed he only told her that to garner her attention. We can no longer tell whether she is in a close relationship with any of them based on what she has told us. This is why her romantic life is so complex. She also admits that she has made men cry unintentionally on a few occasions.

Destiney Rose’s Wiki/Bio

Destiney Rose was born on February 13, 1982, in Iran. She is currently 40-year-old and holds Iranian nationality. In addition, Destiney resides in Los Angeles, California. The parents’ names remain unknown to the general public. According to sources, she has a younger sister named Cathy.

Destiney Rose is 50-year-old.
Destiney Rose is with her mother.
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Rose claimed in one episode that she grew up in difficult circumstances because her father abandoned her and her sister, implying that she had lost love. However, there was a strong desire to participate in the performing world.

However, there isn’t much to choose from regarding educational background. Destiney has played it safe by keeping her educational experience hidden from the public eye. However, based on how she carries herself, she appears to be well educated.

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