Behind every successful man is a woman who continually supports him. In the case of Fox Journalist Stuart Varney, it was his wife of twenty-one years, Deborah Varney, The two might not be together today, but they share an intimate history together. Just like many in the showbiz and media industry, the diva got famous only through her ties with the political commentator. Being the ex-wife of such an established personality, there is a lot about the American diva that you might need to know. So, stay with us to know about her net worth, married life, and personal life.

Deborah Varney’s Married Life with Stuart Varney

There should be no doubt on the fact that the only reason people know Deborah Varney is because of her romantic ties with Fox News reporter Stuart Varney. The history between them goes back to the early 1990s when the two fell in love with one another and started dating. Just after a few years, the love birds decided to tie the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1993.

Deborah Varney poses a picture with husband Stuart Varney.
Deborah Varney is a mother of six children with Stuart Varney. Source: Bio Husband Kids

While Stuart remained busy with his work in journalism, be it at CNN, CNBC or Fox News, his wife focused entirely on her family. Surprisingly, Deborah gave birth to six children with her ex-husband, out of which four boys were boys and two girls. It looks like family planning wasn’t a thing back then. Although her partner remained occupied with work most of the time, the diva took charge of raising their kids properly.

Deborah Varney’s Shocking Divorce to Husband

While people looked at Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network, everybody thought that the man has a stable life with a proper job and a peaceful marriage. However, all the speculations came to an end when his then-wife Deborah Varney slammed a divorce case in 2014 in Bergen County. After twenty-one long years together, the break-up seemed shocking to many, but she did have a proper case in her defense.

Deborah Varney's ex-husband Stuart Varney poses for a picture.
Deborah Varney accused her ex-husband Stuart Varney of cheating. Source: Alchetron

According to Deborah’s file, she accused her ex-husband, Stuart Varney, of cheating on her for nine years long. In fact, his former partner was in an extra-marital affair with Jennifer F. Shibley for almost a decade. Moreover, she also added how the Fox anchor wasted a considerable amount of money on his girlfriend by spending time at fancy locations like Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In response, Stuart stated a harsh response, ‘When I was with you, I did not think about her, and when I was with her, I did not think about you.’

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After some time of court proceedings, their divorce finalized, and the two parted ways. Not much is known about Deborah post-divorce, and the 70-year-old Stuart also seems to be single.

Deborah Varney’s Net Worth Details

Being the mother of Stuart Varney’s children means that Deborah Varney has nothing to worry about when it comes to finances and money. Unfortunately, the diva has been successful in hiding details about her background or profession, in contrary to her ex-partner. According to estimates, she owns a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of 2020.

Deborah Varney's ex-husband Stuart Varney poses for a picture.
Deborah Varney filed for a divorce against Stuart Varney in 2014. Source: The Wrap

The main source of Deborah’s colossal net worth has to be the spousal support from her ex-husband Stuart Varney following their divorce. Since her former partner is one of the very famous journalists at the Fox Business Network, he amasses a whopping net worth of $10 million, including bonuses and incentives.

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