David Packouz is a famous personality in America. He is an American arms dealer but is now recognized as an actor songwriter and singer.

He rose to fame after the movie War Dogs which was based on a real-life story. This story was a reflection of Packouz’s life. He also worked as a singer in this movie. He was house arrested for 7 months for some conspiracy.

Early Life Of Packouz

Packouz was born in 1982, on 16th February, in St. Louis, Missouri, The United States. His parents were Shoshana Packouz and Rabbi Kalman Packouz. He was one of the children out of nine siblings.

But they could not get much attention and care because of having a large family. Despite not getting much attention he was able to earn millions from a very young age. He was extremely smart and sharp from his childhood. There is not much information about his former life and neither about his education. he was a Licensed massage therapist.

Packouz’s Personal life

Packouz was raised in a big family with eight siblings. Although he was in a big family his parents had given him a good life, they fulfilled all his basic needs.

Packouz is currently living with his own family. He is married to an American woman and they have a child together. They named their daughter Amabelle Jane. They welcomed their daughter in 2007. He is living happily with his wife and daughter. He takes his daughter together while traveling and he has shared many posts. There was not much information about his wife and personal life.

Is Packouz’s Wife The Real Mother Of His Daughter?

David Packouz was dating IZ and he confessed that his wife is not the real mother of his daughter. They have given birth to a baby girl without getting married. They had to partway due to some reasons and now he is married to someone else. He stays with his current wife and daughter. He shares an amazing bond with his daughter.

David Packouz with his daughter
David Packouz with his daughter’s picture source: Instagram @davidpackouz.

He hasn’t shared much about his current wife so there is not much information about her but they have been spending their life happily after their marriage.

How Many Times Has Been Packouz Arrested?

David Packouz had been arrested at least two times in his life. He was once arrested because he was found guilty of Conspiracy to Defraud the United States under the general conspiracy statute. He had been found guilty of going against the contract he had signed.

He was later arrested in 2012 at Motel 82 in Naples, Florida after he agreed to have a physical relationship with an undercover Collier County deputy for $400. He was found guilty of prostitution by a jury in 2013. He was also involved in activities like doing deals with Cannabis.

Career Highlights

Packouz joined a company of arms named AEY Inc when he was just 19 years old in the year 2005. The company started to larger just after a year. They had won about 149 contracts worth $10.5 Million. They were able to secure a contract worth $300 million from the US government. They violated the contract and they were proved guilty of defrauding the US government.

He is working as the CEO of a Music Technology Company named Singular Sound. He also worked as a songwriter and singer. He is recognized as a successful Entrepreneur, songwriter, and singer today.

Was The Movie War Dogs All True?

The War Dogs was a dark comedy American crime film based on a real-life story written and directed by Phillips. Packouz’s character was portrayed by Miles Teller. Some Viewers don’t consider this movie as a real life-based story due to some unrealistic scenes. This movie has explained the real situation of how Packou’z name got into criminal activities and how had he gone against the Us government.

However, this movie is completely true this movie has made people realize many things. This movie was one of the hit films of 2016. Viewers were intrigued by the performance of the actors.

Why Is He Still Taken As Inspiration Even After Criminal Records?

David Packouz is still taken as an inspiration by people after watching the movie War Dogs. Even though he has a criminal background he was able to change his path. He could get over all the criminal activities and now he is living a completely different life. He is now known for his musical career more than his criminal background.

People found it very relatable and inspiring because people would repeat their mistakes and blame the situation. He has given a great example to people to correct their mistakes. We can learn from his life story that a person’s background doesn’t matter if she/he has learned from past mistakes and started a new journey.

Hobbies And Interests.

Packouz has a major interest in music. he has even written songs and sang them. He even works for a musical company. He loves to play guitar. he even plays piano. He keeps sharing his music and related content.

David Packouz's image while traveling to Thailand with a background of a natural scene in Thailand
David Packouz’s portrait image while traveling to Thailand picture source: Instagram @davidpackouz.

Besides music, he loves to travel and has traveled to many places and he shares his picture with his fans. He even does yoga. He has shared pictures with different yoga poses. He even does aerial yoga as he has shared his picture online. He even learned acrobatics and he is very good at it.

Where Does Packouz Live Now?

People are very curious to know about Packouz’s current life. His fans and everyone who has watched the movie War Dogs want to know about his current situation. Many people are curious to know his location.

Packouz hasn’t revealed much about his current life. He hasn’t shared his current location for some security reason but he lives in Florida. He is happily spending his life with his wife and daughter. He has quite a peaceful life today.

Net Worth

David Packouz’s exact net worth is still unknown. He had earned a lot while he was working for an arms company during his twenties. He has been able to amass a really good amount of fortune. He is earning as a CEO of a music company. He is worth millions.

He could be able to earn because of his hard work and dedication. He has built a big empire because of his passion and amazing willpower. As of now, he is worth around $3 Million.

Is He Active In Social Media?

Packouz seems quite active on his social media account. he keeps sharing lots of pictures of his day-to-day activity. he shares mostly about his work and his musical journey. He uses Instagram mostly. he has a Twitter account too. His account is not verified yet but he has earned a good number of followers. He has around 13.4k followers on his Instagram.

He posts about his new readings and he shares pictures with different yoga poses. He loves to share his moments with his daughter. His followers love to see his contests. For more information and update about him, you can follow his Instagram account @davidpackouz.

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