Sierra Oakley is a famous Veterianinans with a huge number of fans and followers. She is also a Tv personality who gets featured on Nat Geo Wild in her show called “dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet”.

She was born on July 15, 1957, in Yukon Canada. Her zodiac sign is Cancer and holds Canadian nationality. She is trained and qualified to treat wild, injured, and diseased animals. She has been able to rescue the life of many animals.

Physical Appearance

Oakley has an amazing and appealing body with great curves. She has amazing long brown hair complementing her brown eyes and she has got quite a fair complexion. Her body looks Toned.

Picture of Sierra Oakley drinking juice and background with sensual art on wall
Sierra Oakley’s Portrait picture, picture source: Instagram @sierraoakleyy

She stands about 5 ft and 6 inches tall and weighs perfectly. Her stunning body catches the attention of her followers.

Former Life

Sierra Oakley was born in Canada and raised in a small family. She used to live in her hometown during her former days. She was the eldest child out of three in her family and the most understanding one. She mostly spent her time with he mother and also got much influenced by her. She was raised in an average American family.

She grew up without much struggle as her parents fulfilled all her basic needs. She was a very good student from her childhood. She also actively participated in extra curriculum activities during her school days. she has decided on her career since her childhood.

Family And Her Inspiration

Sierra has mentioned that her family is her greatest inspiration. Her father was Shane Oakley and he used to work in Fire Brigade. Her mother Michelle Oakley was a veterinarian as well. She always helped her mom with her work after her school.

She always loved taking care of animals. She followed in the footsteps of her mother. Her mother was the greatest inspiration to her since her childhood. Taking care of animals was her favorite hobby. Her mother had taught her a lot about taking care of an animal and thereafter she decided that she wanted to continue her career in this field.

Relationship Status With Sisters.

Sierra Oakley grew up with two younger sisters Maya Oakley and Willow Oakley. She has had a very close bond with her sister since childhood.

Maya is the middle sister who got along with both the younger and the elder sister. Maya was even on the same team the sports wither her elder sister. They are still very close to each other and share most things. They are more like friends than friends.

Education And Qualifications

Oakley has not cleared out about her schooling yet. There is no information about where she did her schooling. She had enrolled herself in one of the prestigious universities, St. Francis Xavier University. She got her degree in Pre-med bachelor of science in May 2019.

She has always been an obedient and hardworking student and she is still taking the classes. She allows herself to take enough breaks as she is handling her job, her mother’s show, and her colleagues as well,

Tv Show Featured In Nat Geo Wild

Oakley has been actively participating in her mother’s Tv show “dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet”. It was released on April 12, 2014. It is a show on Nat Geo which was loved by many. She had been actively taking part in this show since her childhood. She used to help her mother take care of animals when she was young.

She is continuing the program. In this show, they have shown the roles of a veterinarian and how they do their task daily. They have shown how they have saved the lives of many animals. This kind of content was loved by all animal lovers. People have rated this show as most loved. This show is the reason why she is very famous.

Career Highlights

Oakley has done pretty well in her medical career. She already got her Pre-med certificate and now she is slowly moving towards her ambition. At a very young age, she completed many courses and also gained popularity on social media.

She will be learning more and will be a designated veterinarian soon. She has been very hardworking and dedicated to achieving her goal. She seems to love her job as she happily shares everything with her followers.

Is Sierra Oakley Dating Anyone?

Many people are always curious to know about her relationship status. Sadly, Sierra Oakley has been very private about her personal life.

She hasn’t shared anything about her dating history or relationship till today. She likes to keep things within herself which is why we have no information about her dating history. She hasn’t shared many pictures or posts about any men on her social media account. As of now, She calls herself single so she is not dating anyone currently.

Net Worth

Sierra Oakley has been able to amass quite a good amount of fortune. It’s all because of her hard work and dedication toward work. It’s not sure how much wealth she has. She has been able to gather a sum of $1 million. She is very young but is already earning very well. This includes all her assets and royalties.

She was able to earn this by working as a veterinarian and by doing the television show. She has miles to go in her journey we will be seeing her gathering more fortune in upcoming days as she is still working hard to achieve higher.

How Active Is She On Her Social Media?

Oakley is quite active on her social media account. She is active on both Instagram and Facebook accounts. She has about 25.3K followers on her Instagram. She frequently posts about her work on her social media.

She keeps posting about the adorable animals. Her followers love to see animals. She even posts about her day-to-day activities. For more information and update about her, you can follow her on Instagram @sierraoakleyy. Many people appreciate the work she does and motivated her with beautiful comments.

There is a private group on Facebook named Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet Fans which is created by the fans and there are about 9.1K members in that group. Some people loved that show very much and created the group as an appreciation.

Does She Own Any Pet?

Sierra Oakley doesn’t necessarily have to keep any pets as she is always surrounded by animals and pets. But she has kept a dog as her pet. She usually keeps the rescued animals with herself until someone adopts them. She has been taking care of lots of animals. She has been a great mom to the animals. She also has a pet cat named Frankie.

Picture of Sierra Oakley holding her pet cat in her hands
Sierra Oakley with her pet cat picture source: Instagram @sierraoakleyy

Hobbies and Interest

Besides her major interest in animals, she is a great fan of hockey. She used to take part in different hockey championships during high school.

She was an amazing player and got many awards as well. She even participated with her sister and she also likes to work as an influencer. her posts are quite like an Instagram influencer. She also likes to travel whenever she gets an opportunity.

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