David Goggins is a well-known American athlete who has won numerous honors for his abilities as an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance biker, and triathlete. He rose to international prominence as a former world record holder for the most pull-ups completed in 24 hours.

The multi-talented athlete has become a prominent motivational speaker and author after a successful career as a retired US Navy SEAL and one-time the United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member. Continue reading to learn more about Goggins’s married life.

David Goggins’s Ex-Wife, Aleeza Goggins

David Goggins was previously married to Aleeza Goggins. In 2005, the couple reportedly married in a private ceremony. There isn’t much information available about the couple’s life together. The couple is well-known for keeping secrets, as nothing has been revealed on the internet during their two-year marriage. Aleeza frequently made public comments about her husband. She also revealed that David despises running and riding his bike.

David Goggins and Aleeza Goggins married in 2005.
David Goggins with his ex-wife Aleeza Goggins.
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Aleeza filed for divorce based on sexual satisfaction. In 2007-2008, things were not looking good for the duo. This is because Aleeza, 59, needed surgery, and David had recently been in an accident. At the same time, their home was broken into, and both were devastated in different ways. As a result, they decided to divorce based on mutual understanding.

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David discusses his fiancee or girlfriend becoming pregnant in his book Can’t Hurt Me, and you’re probably curious if the couple had children. Aleeza, on the other hand, never became pregnant for David during their many years together. She has no children of her own, despite her marriage to David.

David Goggins and His Ex-Wife After Divorce

David Goggins and his ex-wife have kept their private lives private since their divorce. There is no talk of David or Aleeza having an ongoing affair. David reported in 2012 that Aleeza’s visa was about to expire and that she would be returning to Japan. So Aleeza is most likely in Japan, living a single life. David and his ex-wife both don’t have social media accounts, making it difficult to delve deeper into their lives.

David Goggins reported in 2012 that Aleeza's visa was about to expire and that she would be returning to Japan.
David Goggins is currently single.
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Before they split up, a rumor surfaced that David was having an extramarital affair with a famous Olympic gymnast. Aleeza was devastated, and they both sought counseling. It did not, however, work out. Aleeza Goggins, Goggins’ ex-wife, is a member of the American ultramarathon runner’s Support Team. Despite their differences, David and Aleeza remain close friends.

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