Darren-Anthony Lumar was the chairman and chief Executive of Lumar Worldwide Industries. However, he was popularly known for being the ex-husband of Yamma Brown, the Youngest daughter of legendary singer James Brown.

Lumar after managing to drive himself to Northside Hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds to his ankles, wrists, and chest died in the middle of the treatment. Presumably, he was murdered by his debtors.

Net Worth

Darren-Anthony Lumar has not officially stated his net worth and it is difficult to estimate it as there is no clear information about it. However, he has lived a rich lifestyle.

Growing up spending imaginary millions, Lumar was capable of spending real millions of dollars in his adult days. He became the chairperson of Lumar Worldwide Industries, Pinnacle, and so on. He was also engaged in other businesses like private loan settlement and so on.

Lumar lived in a $1.4 Million apartment in Texas and furthermore owned the house of his dream in Tuxedo Court which cost him $2.4 Million. He lived a rich lifestyle, drove expensive cars, and threw lavish parties although he filed for bankruptcy.

During the time he filed for the fourth bankruptcy, he was in debt of more than $700 thousand.

Besides this, his wife Yamma Brown has a net worth of $3 Million whereas his late father-in-law James Brown had a whopping $100 Million in his possession.

Was Gun Shotted

Darren was leaving his wife’s pharmacy when he was shotted by a black man in a hooded sweatshirt. He tried to reach the hospital by himself but he passed out.

Luckily the people in the complex helped him and called 911. He requested to call his wife and family to let them know about his condition.


Five bullet wounds were found by the physicians. Darren’s left forearm was struck by one bullet, which exited without striking a bone. His left ankle was grooved by one bullet. His right thigh received pieces from one gunshot.

The fourth injury proved lethal. It ripped open his inferior vena cava, a major vein that supplies blood to the right atrium of the heart, by penetrating his left upper abdomen.

Early Life

Darren was introduced to the world on June 15, 1970, at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was an intelligent and quick learner from his early days. He received his early education in Edgard, Louisiana. 

He was raised alongside his sibling by his mother and stepfather who adopted them after their father left him. Lumar was enthusiastic about being a businessman from an early age and knew what he wanted.

While going to school, he wanted a navy suit and khaki pants. Growing up, Lumar did not like toys except for Rubic’s cube and any other brain teaser toys.

Family Background

Darren grew up in a middle-class family in the United States. His parents had a volatile relationship and parted ways when he was only 6 years old.

After his father, Harold Lumar left them despite Darren’s begging, his mother Vernadean married Charles Underwood. Charles adopted him alongside his sibling.

Vernadean used to drive Cadillac Eldorado after her remarriage with constructor superintendent Charles.

Married To James Brown’s Youngest Daughter Yamma Brown

Darren-Anthony Lumar is in the spotlight for his connection with the youngest daughter of James Brown. Their initial meeting was when Yamma was serving clinical rounds at DeKalb Medical Center in Atlanta as a pharmacist on the medical team caring for Lumar’s stepfather.

Following that, the loving duo had their first date in the year 1998. Soon they decided to take their relationship to the next level and got engaged after two months of dating.

A year later, the love birds tied knots with the blessing of their parents and close friends. However, their marriage saw lots of ups and downs mainly because of the loss in business and money.

she was kicked by her husband soon after her marriage. Later, due to her husband’s violence, Yamma decided to get separated. She filed for a divorce in 2005, however, they got together after 18 days.

Wife – Yamma Brown

Yamma Brown is the youngest daughter of the legendary James Brown and is a capable doctor. She has worked in pharmacies for 12 years, holding positions like Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Assistant Director, and Director in several hospitals and clinics.

Darren Anthony Lumars wife Yamma Brown
Darren-Anthony Lumar’s wife Yamma Brown.
Source: VoyageATL

Besides this, she serves as the Founder and CEO of Daughter of Soul Productions. Moreover, she is also involved in the skincare items business.

Yamma is also an author, to add to that. Her book Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me certainly brings in a sizable income for her. In her autobiography, Brown discussed the contentious relationship between her parents.

She is available on Instagram under the username @daughterofsoul.

Blessed With Children

From his relationship with Yamma, Darren was blessed with a daughter and a son. He is a proud father and loved his children.

Darren Anthony Lumar with his wife and children
Darren-Anthony Lumar with his wife and children.
Source: Atlanta Magazine

When Brown was pregnant with their daughter Sydney, he used to stay by her side and sang for his daughter. His daughter did not open her eyes for the first time until she heard his voice.

After moving to Texas because of Brown’s work, the couple was again blessed with a son Carrington.

Had To Leave Texas As Darren Lumar Was Charged With Abusive Serial Filing

Lumar lived his life in debt and enjoyed his life on other people’s money. He had to pay a tax officer, his rent of $26,000 for office space. He filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

In addition to this, he filed for bankruptcy for the fourth time resulting to be accused of abusive serial filing. There was more than $700,000 worth of claim at the time.

Therefore he left for texas with his family with the help of his sister Danna.

Had Thumb-Sucking Habit

Lumar had a bad habit of sucking his thumb from a very young age. As a child, he used to watch  Sesame Street every day sucking his left thumb and stroking the chair with his left arm. This habit was with him in his grown-up days too but used to hide it in a business meetings.

Yamma tried so hard to make him leave this habit. She made him chew gums, handed him candy and lollipops, basically anything that would help him to stop from sucking his thumb.

However, it was all pointless as Lumar did not leave his bad habit. According to him, it made him calm and relax.

Worked As A Broker Of Private Loans

After running a construction business, Lumar shifted to work as a broker of private loans. He educated himself about this business. He used to hang around with wealthy people faking his lifestyle.

Lumar used to find someone who needed money and someone who could provide them with the money. He used to take 10% of the amount while receiving the loan and 10% at the time of payment.

Accused Of Rape

Lumar was accused of rape by five different women on July 27, 2006. WSB-TV was reporting the news about the incident. He had called his mother to not watch the TV and apologized to James for deteriorating his name.

Furthermore, he also called his wife Yamma and told her the accusation was all lies and he had nothing to do with it.

Authorities were informed by at least five women that Darren had engaged in sexual misconduct in the Pinnacle offices. A Lithonia job applicant said that he touched her as he brought her to a meeting room. A District of Columbia government employee claimed that he enticed her to Atlanta with promises of wealth, hired her as his director of human resources, and then fired her because she wouldn’t have sex with him.

Similar claims were made by a minor television anchor who also served as Pinnacle’s resident prayer counselor. She claimed that Darren wrestled her to the ground as she prayed for Darren to get his headache healed. Brenda Gardner, Darren’s attorney, cross-examined the counselor while she was testifying.

Darren And Yamma quarreled over James Brown’s property

Darren and Yamma quarreled over James Brwons’s property and created a bad situation. Upon reaching their house, Atlanta police found blood on the floor.

Yamma complained that Lumar assaulted her physically and beat her. However, neither the police nor the paramedic found any kind of injury.

James Brown’s Daughter Shares Her Story Of Domestic Violence.

But Darren was stabbed with a knife in the right arm and he needed 12 stitches. Yamma’s assault charge was dismissed because he did not appear in court.

Darren helped create two opposite groups from among the Brown heirs. He was helped by James Brown’s son Terry and two of his grandsons.

Fulfilled The Childhood Dream Of Owning Mansion Of Tuxedo Court

Darren’s mother had once said if he worked hard enough, the mansion located at Tuxedo court could be his. From that day on, he had dreamed of owning that house.

He fulfilled his dream of owning the house and had called photographers and caterers in the celebration of his mansion’s revival. He got the house in February after making a deal of paying $2.4 Million before September of the same year.

Darren’s Sister Got A Tattoo After His Brother’s Death

Darren grew together with his two siblings Darwin and Dana. They shared many beautiful memories together and were very caring and supportive of each other.

The news of Darwin’s death hit hard to the owner of Lumar worldwide Industries and he flew 90 miles to see his brother for the last time. He hugged his sister and wept.

A fight between Darwin and his friend resulted in a 5-inch-deep piercing of his right femoral artery. He passed away due to significant blood loss.

In memory of Darwin, Darren’s sister Dana got a tattoo on her right arm with his name alongside a rose and cross.

Lied About Being All States In Louisiana

Yamma’s husband, Darren lived his life lying and cheating. He was great at telling lies and was charismatic. He had lied about being an all-state champion in football back in Louisiana when he got into Smyrna Christian Academy.

This created hope for the Smyrna Christian patriot, a team that was a very bad team. He was an average player.

He would collapse on the ground clutching a hamstring and make noises of anguish whenever the score was unusually unfavorable or the play was disastrous. When the yearbook was published, Darren’s photo had All-state???, written beneath it.

Spent Imaginary Cash

James Brown’s son-in-law, Darren alongside his sibling was taken out by their mother to spend their imaginary cash. Each of them would have one million dollars which they could spend.

They used to caress Lamborghini and Porsche at Formula one imports. His mother always taught them to earn money and be better and more successful people. Verna taught them to spend money in a proper way.

Darren remembered that she showed them the mansion at Tuxedo road and said to work hard so that they could have it.

Raised A Ruckus In The Store When Market Place Shorted Him A Penny

As mentioned earlier, Lumar was quite a brilliant boy in his early days. His mother taught him to count changes at an early age. After getting good at him, his mother sent him to the market with a shopping list and a five-dollar bill.

The Storekeeper tried to trick him by returning a penny. Lumar created a ruckus for this in the store.

Darren-Anthony Lumar’s Pool Party

Once Lumar made an announcement through DJ in Atlanta that he was going to have a pool party and everyone was invited. After that many people showed up at his doors.

His stepfather was at the grill and he was busy receiving guests. After someone asked him where the pool was, he led the way to his backyard.

To everybody’s surprise, Darren showed them the plastic kiddie pool.

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