Brixton Brousseau is in the limelight for his connection with a well-known TV personality. He is the son of TV correspondent and actress Desi Lydic.

Brousseau was introduced to the world in the year 2015 and celebrates his birthday every year on the 22nd of December. He is being raised in New York currently and is going to a local school in his hometown.

His parents are keeping his personal information behind the curtains and respected his privacy. However, there are some interesting facts and features relating to his life. Scroll down to know more about it.

Net Worth – The Richness Of Brousseau

The Celebrity Kid, Brixton Brousseau is currently a school-going kid who has not started his professional career yet. Therefore, he has no net worth for now. He might join the entertainment industry in the near future following in the footsteps of his parents and earning a fortune, but for now, he is living a quality life with his parent’s money.

The estimated net worth of his father, Gannon Brousseau, is $1.9 million. For GUCCI and Ralph Lauren, Emerald Expositions, Nielsen Jewellery, and a few other businesses, he served as executive director of luxury retail. He also has some acting experience, which he has acquired.

His mother Desi Lydic on the other hand is speculated to have a net worth of around $500 thousand in her possession. She has accumulated this amount from her acting career. Some of her commercially successful projects are Awkward, The old couples, Friends with better lives, How to be a gentleman, Two and a half men, and many more.

The family of three is living a happy and comfortable life in New York, United States of America.

Brixton’s Parents’ Relationship

Brixton’s parents, Ganon and Desi are in a marital relationship for almost a decade now. The loving duo and comfortable and happy with each other and have not shown any sign of divorce.

Brixton Brousseaus parents Desi Lydic and Gannon Brousseau
Brixton Brousseau’s parents Desi Lydic and Gannon Brousseau.
Source: Celebily

The couple is believed to have been dating for several months before they the tied knot on the 13th of September, 2014. Their marriage was attended by their close friends and families.

There are no other children born from their union except for Brixton. The small family of three is living happily together.

Learn more about the relationship between Brixton’s Parents.

Family Background

Brousseau belongs to a family of reputed personalities in the United States of America. He is the son of Desi Lydic and her husband Gannon Brousseau. The small family is living happily in New York.

Despite being busy, Brixton’s parents find time to spend with him. They are often spotted together in public places enjoying together.

Mother – Desi Lydic

Lydic blessed her parents with her arrival on the 30th of June 1981 in Louisville, Kentucky. She got interested in comedy acting at the age of 3 when she saw Carol Burnette playing Annie.

Brixton Brousseaus mother Desi Lydic
Brixton Brousseau’s mother Desi Lydic.
Source: Television Academy

To pursue her interest, she went to the Young Actors Institute at the Youth Performing Arts School and also starred in a Kroger commercial. After having enough experience, she went to Los Angelos for making her career in improvisational career.

Throughout her career, she has had 42 credits as an actor which are for TV series and shows like Awkward, The old couples, Friends with better lives, How to be a gentleman, Two and a half men, and many more.

Desi also has some experience working as a producer, writer, and director. She is pretty active on social media platforms. She is available on Instagram as @desilydic and uses Twitter under @DesiLydic

Mother Is TV Correspondent Who Works With Trevor Noah

Brousseau’s Mother, Desi Lydic is a TV correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah where she works together with the famed TV personality Trevor Noah. Besides this, she is also an actress who has made appearances in numerous TV shows and series.

Desi Lydic and Roy Wood Jr. Put Major Court Cases on Trial | The Daily Show.

Lydic created a one-hour special for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It was nominated for the Writers Guild Award.

Father – Gannon Brousseau

Brixton’s father, Gannon Brousseau is a businessman as well as an actor. He has been associated with many high-profile businesses.

Brixton Brousseaus father Gannon Brousseau
Brixton Brousseau’s father Gannon Brousseau.
Source: Crunchbase

He served as the ASD Trade Show’s accounting executive for more than two years. Later, he entered the world of high-end retail and began working for various companies, including Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Gannon joined the Emerald Expositions in 2006 as a member.

He also became the vice president of Emerald. Furthermore, Gannon has been the director and vice president of Jewellery Group Nielsen.

Furthermore, Gannon also has some experience in acting. Throughout his career, he has 2 credits as an actor which are for Bandwagon: The Series and King’s highway. Similarly, his one credit is for being an assistant wardrobe in Doppelganger.

He is not that active on any social media platforms however, he has a LinkedIn profile. Talking about his personal information, Gannon was born on the 20th of September, 1979 in Sacramento, California later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career.

For education, he attended classes at California State University located in Northridge, California.

Father Gannon Runs Charity

Gannon has also been involved in charity works and is a board member of the charity organization Jewelers for children which is focused to help people discover their potential and creativity in entrepreneurship.

He may also be a member of the panel that selects the recipients of the American Gen Awards.

Desi Teaches Her Son Brixton How Babies Are Born

Desi shared the image of her son Brixton looking at the picture of the female reproductive system on her Instagram. She humorously captioned the picture as everyone must teach their children to never forget where they came from.

Many of her loved ones commented on the picture and appreciated how she made them laugh.

Brixton Definitely Knows About Styles

If anyone knows Brixton, they are well aware of his style and dressing sense. His picture from the Miami Vice posted by his mother received a lot of appreciation for his cuteness and style.

Brixton Broussea looking stylish
Brixton Brousseau looks stylish.
Source: Instagram @desilydic

Similarly, there is an image of him carrying a guitar in a stylish’s way. He might be a model in the future.

The Strongest Guy His Mother Knows

Brixton Brousseau, even though is just a kid, shows behaviors like adult. He is tough and strong physically and emotionally. His mother has captioned the image of him as the strongest guy that she knows.

In addition to this, she has also posted the image of him reading the instructions for the car with the caption Nerd.

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