Clare Crawley shared some details about her life since her divorce from Dale Moss. The former Bachelorette star said that she was pushed “to my knees” last week, but she isn’t going down without a oppose on Saturday in an Instagram Story post. Crawley, 40, appeared on The Bachelorette Season 16 and famously left after falling in love with Moss halfway through. They were engaged until late last month when they called it quits.

The American television personality posted a video of herself walking her dog on Instagram late Saturday, along with a lengthy comment. She said, “It takes a lot to bring me to my knees… but damn, this week has pushed me to that point. “One thing I debris to do, though, is staying down. I’ll be cursed if I let it all take me out, so amidst all this, I’m taking steps, even if [they] are small.”

Clare Crawley opened up a little bit about how she is doing after her split from Dale Moss.
Clare Crawley Emotionally Admits Post-Breakup Period Has ‘Brought Her to Her Knees.
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Furthermore, Clare added, “I will feed myself the right food, drink some water, and handle it the best I know how.” Finally, she expressed gratitude for her followers’ words of support, stating that they had not gone ignored. Last year, Crawley and Moss met on her season of The Bachelorette. Crawley thought Moss, 33, was the guy for her after only four episodes, so they left the show early, and Tayshia Adams was brought in to replace her.

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Moss and Crawley were engaged in December, but the engagement was called off in January. Their engagement was resurrected in July when the two were photographed wearing identical rings. This fuelled suspicions that they had secretly married. That didn’t turn out to be the case. A source informed Page Six last week that the two had broken up for good and that their relationship “didn’t end well.”

Clare Crawley is an American television personality and hairstylist
Clare Crawley is holding flowers.
Photo Source: Instagram

According to a source, the two disagreed on several important topics, including when to start a family. “People will propagate misinformation and constantly try to point fingers, but the truth is that no one individual is to blame in this scenario,” the insider added. Crawley revealed the two had broken up on Thursday, but she refused to go into depth with fans.

The hairstylist wrote, “I’ve decided not to discuss the specifics of my relationship right now because, at the end of the day, anyone can put on an ACT or string words together to create whatever story they choose.” She continued, “I’m going to talk about mental and physical issues. I’m still recovering from my recent surgery, and my mother has been placed on hospice care. So my attention is concentrated on mourning, healing, and being present at home in Sacramento, while also striving to share and support others who are experiencing similar life circumstances.”

Finally, Crawley expressed her gratitude for the individuals in her life that love her and stand by her side. ” I’m grateful for the individuals in my life that show me true unconditional love without expecting anything in return, and who stick with me through thick and thin,” Crawley wrote. “EVEN MORE SO WHEN THE CAMERAS ARE OFF AND THERE ARE NO AWARDS. The results speak for themselves.”

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