Claire Stoermer (b. on March 24, 1964, in the United States) is the mother to a young celebrity renowned for her beauty and talent in the entertainment industry. Want to know who’s that diva? Well, she’s none other than the fans favorite Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up star Zendaya Coleman. You read it right, Claire gave birth to and raised a famous singer and actress. Being a celebrity mother dragged her to the spotlight.

Claire Stoermer’s Dating, Marriage, and Divorce

For those who were desperate to know Claire Stoermer’s relationship status, she is currently single. Indeed, she isn’t involved in a romantic relationship as of now after her divorce.

For those who were desperate to know Claire Stoermer’s relationship status, she is currently single.
Claire Stoermer with her ex-husband and their daughter Zendaya.
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Claire, 56, was married to her longtime boyfriend turned husband, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. The former pair first met in the early 90s. After that, they gradually began to date.

The ex-couple, Claire and Kazembe, took their time to decide to tie the knot. They watered their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for some time, and in 2008, they finally walked down the aisle. However, by the time they shared their vows, their baby girl, Zendaya Coleman, was already twelve years old.

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Although Claire and Kazembe stayed together for several years, knowing each other and supporting one another in every path of their life. Their married life didn’t make it to the end. We mean they separated.

Claire, alongside her ex-husband, filed for the divorce in 2016. They parted their ways for irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Claire Stoermer’s Only Child Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman is the only child of Claire Stoermer. As we mentioned, she gave birth to her when she was seeing her ex, Kazembe.

Zendaya Coleman is the only child of Claire Stoermer.
Claire Stoermer is the mother of five children from her husband’s previous relationship.
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The former couple gave birth to Zendaya on September 1, 1996. As of 2020, she is 24-years-old and is renowned for her work as an actress and singer.

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Though Zendaya is the only kid Claire got with Kazembe, she has five children from her husband’s previous relationship. Thus, the Spider-Man actress Zendaya has five half-siblings, three sisters KatiannaAnnabellaKaylee, and two brothers Austin and Julien Stoermer Coleman.

Claire Stoermer’s Net Worth and Career Details

Talking about Claire Stoermer’s finances, there is no official document to vouch for her actual net worth. However, sources claim she has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand as of 2020. Indeed, a six-figure net worth.

Claire Stoermer has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand as of 2020.
Stoermer is living a lavish lifestyle which reflects on her Instagram posts.
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The mother of one earned her greens from her teaching profession. Further, going through her Instagram page, we found she is also into the jewelry line, so she might also generate an impressive number from her business.

Claire also worked in Theater, but not as an actress. She served the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California, as the house manager.

Who is Zendaya Coleman mother?

Claire Stoermer is the mother of actress and singer Zendaya Coleman.

How old is Claire Stoermer?

Claire Stoermer is 56-years-old as of 2020.

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