Did Cindy Silva Remarry After Her Divorce from Kevin Costner?

Following the separation from Kevin Costner, the Liteweight actress Cindi Silva tied the knot with businessman Larry Ameen and currently introduces herself as Cindy Antonucci-Ameen, as per NedHardy.

Her daughter Annie Costner revealed that Silva and Ameen started dating in 1999. Nothing much is known about Larry except for he was a business executive at Jordache Jeans and Pepe Jeans and later became CEO of Dogwood Investments.

Cindi Silva And Kevin Costner

Cindy Silva and Kevin Costner married on February 11, 1978, three years after they met. She met her now ex-husband, Kevin Costner, at California State University, Fullerton, when she was studying marketing and finance. While married, the couple had three children; two daughters and a son.

Cindy Silva and Kevin Costner had three children two daughters and a son.
Cindy Silva and Kevin Costner married on February 11, 1978.
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Moreover, Silva and her partner Costner had their first child, Annie Costner, in 1984. Their second daughter, Lily Costner, was born in 1986, and their only son, Joe Costner, was born in 1988. They were married for 16 years i.e. until December 1994. It is reported that the divorce settlement between Cindy & Kevin was worth $50 million, and she used the money to invest in the restaurant business.

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Similarly, Silva’s ex-husband, Kevin Costner, after divorce, and had several high-profile affairs. He dated many celebrities, including Elle McPherson, Bridget Rooney, and Birgit Cunningham. The actor shares a son named Liam Costner with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney. He later married model Christine Baumgartner in 2004, and the pair is still together. The Yellowstone actor also has three kids with his current wife including Hayes Logan Costner.

As for Cindy’s relationship status, there is not much information. She stays away from social media. Also, there has been no news of her marriage or dating in the mainstream media as well.

What Is Cindy Silva’s Net Worth In 2023?

Cindy Silva’s exact net worth is not known. However, many estimate it to be around $80 million. Her large fortune can be attributed to her career in the entertainment industry, her divorce settlement, and her successful business ventures.

On the other hand, Cindy’s ex-husband has a hefty net worth of $320 Million which includes his 5800 square foot real estate with two spas, three cottages,s and a waterfall in Aspen, Colorado.

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Also, Cindy worked in showbiz in the nineties in various capacities. In 1990, she was part of the movie Dancing with Wolves as the wagon master, which featured her ex-husband, Costner, and many other cast members, such as Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, and Roderick Grant. The film was a major success and grossed over $424 million against a $22 million production budget. She has also worked as an actress in the movie LiteWeight.

Cindy Silva’s Age & Family

Cindy Silva was born in California, USA, on October 29, 1956, as Cynthia Silva. Her parents and siblings are unknown, but it is reported she has Portuguese ancestry.

Cindy Silva's given name is Cynthia Silva.
Cindy Silva was born on October 29, 1956.
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Since Cindy was in elementary school, She has had a strong interest in acting and has performed in several local plays. Silva attended California State University, Fullerton, after graduating from high school. After finishing her studies, she went to work in Disneyland as Cinderella.

Besides acting, she is known for her social activities. She talks about women’s rights and against exploitation.

Where Is Cindy Silva Today?

Today, the 67 years old Silva is embracing her role as a grandmother and a dedicated mother. She’s the heart of her family, always there for babysitting, family outings, and vacations. Cindy shares a strong and loving bond with her family, and her children often share heartfelt pictures and messages about her on their social media.

Her oldest daughter, Annie, is a producer who co-founded Sound Off Films, a production company. Lily, her second daughter, is a talented musician who has collaborated with Kevin Costner and his band on several songs. Joe, the youngest child, works as a production sound mixer and an audio engineer.

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