Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is Michael Landon’s daughter, born in the United States in 1953. Her life hasn’t been easy, dealing with tough things like post-partum depression and a really sad car crash. But she’s faced it all with strength and a strong will.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli – Daughter of Michael Landon and Marjorie Lynn Noe

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is the daughter of Michael Landon (Dodie Levy-Fraser‘s ex-beau), the late great actor, and film director. Her father was known for his roles as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza starring Bonnie Bedelia, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven as Jonathan Smith opposite Catherine Rusoff.

Moreover, Pontrelli was born in 1953 in the United States of America. Moreover, the celebrity daughter is in her early 70s and holds American nationality. Her mother, Marjorie Lynn Noe, is also an actor like her father.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is 68-year-old as of 2021.
Cheryl Ann Pontrelli with her siblings.
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In addition, the star daughter has four siblings named Leslie Ann Landon, Michael Landon Jr., Shawna Leigh Landon, and Christopher Beau Landon. Also, Pontrelli has four half-siblings named Mark Fraser Landon, Josh Fraser Landon, Jennifer Rachel Landon, and Sean Matthew Landon from her father’s different relationships.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s Staggering Net Worth Collection

As we already mentioned, Cheryl Ann is a private person. So, there are no details on her finance. However, Pontrelli is estimated to have a net worth of $100,000 which she has gained from her different endeavors, one of which is book writing.

On the contrary, her famous father, Us star Michael, was a late great actor and film director. In an episode of the television show Telephone Time, he made his debut appearance.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli's father was a multi-millionaire.
Cheryl Ann Pontrelli with her father at an early age.
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In terms of awards and accomplishments, the American personality has received three, including the Bambu Award and the Bronze Wrangler Award. In addition, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a TV Land Award. While we’re on the subject of his wealth, the legendary actor had a net worth of $40 million at the time of his death.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s Book

Cheryl is also an author who has written a book titled I Promised My Dad: An Intimate Portrait of Michael Landon. It is a book about her father where she has revealed some of the personal life of the actor alongside his acting journey.

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Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s book.
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Furthermore, the book is also available on Amazon for sale. It is being sold for $1.18 for a hardcover and $1.30 for a paperback. Furthermore, it has received 4.5 ratings out of 5.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s Married Life – Who is Her Husband?

Pontrelli, the late actor Landon’s daughter, only became famous because of her parents. Her parents married for the first time when she was nine years old. Her parents. Landon and Marjorie Noe married in 1963 and divorced in 1982 after a 19-year relationship.

On the contrary, the star daughter, unlike her late celebrity parents, likes to remain low-key and out of the spotlight. As a result, her relationship status remains a mystery to the audience.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is a married woman.
Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s parents.
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Aside from that, the media personage isn’t on any social networking platforms including Instagram or Facebook. As a result, it makes us stand out even more when we investigate her personal life and other facts.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli Was The Only Survivor Of a Car Accident in Tuscon

In 1973, Ann, daughter of late actor Michael, suffered chief harm whilst she was involved in a car accident in Tucson, Arizona. Pontrelli changed into the only survivor of the four people inside the car, was brought to the clinic after extreme accidents, and spent several days in a coma.

According to an interview with Bonanza star Landon, the accident came about while Cheryl was a student at the University of Arizona. The reason for the car accident is unknown, however, it led to the gorgeous lady surviving major accidents. She became the best one to live to tell the tale of the crash and became taken to the sanatorium where she spent numerous days in a coma.

The twist of fate turned into a first-rate event in Pontrelli’s lifestyle, and one that she has by no means forgotten. It is a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of taking precautions whilst driving.

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