Charnele Brown is an American actress that has played in several movies and TV series based in countries like Spain, French, and Hollywood. She is recognized for her appearance as Kimberly Reese in the popular series A Different World.

Besides the NBC comedy Sitcom A Different World, Brown has made her appearance in the movies and TV series such as How You Like Me Now, My Wife and Kids, 5th Ward, etc.

Net Worth

Charnele Brown lives a modest lifestyle even though she possesses a fortune that is worth $4 Million. She has amassed this huge fortune from different sources.

Brown is an entrepreneur, actress, and fashion designer. She has launched two businesses Carnele Brown Collection, a clothing line, and Tri-Wen Production, a production company.

Likewise, she has been involved in many hit projects as an actress and producer. A different World, Drop Squads, Dilemma, City girls, etc are some of her credits.

With all this staggering amount, Carlen is living a happy and comfortable life with her husband in Texas.

Earlier Life

Charnele blessed her parents, Reverend Agnes Dozier and Louis Dozier, with her arrival on the 30th of October, 1960. She was raised in East Hampton, New York, United States. As per her birth information, she belongs to the Zodia sign Scorpio. Her full name is Karen Charnele Dozier.

Charnele Brown in earlier days
Charnele Brown in earlier days
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While growing up, Charnele was encouraged by her parents to take part in every activity available in her high school, like Arts, Girl Scouts, swimming, cheerleading, etc.

As a child, Brown was interested in music and acting since the second grade and was the first American member of the South African musical “Sarafina”.

Talking about her educational details, she attended East Hampton high school, where she received primary and secondary education. After that, she continued her study at the State Unversity of New York, which is located in New Paltz. She shared her acting classes with other known persons like Aida Turturro.

Relationship Status

A Different World, actress Charnele Brown is living a happy married life with her husband, Eric Brown, who is also an actor by profession. The couple shared the wedding vows in 1987 and have been together since that moment. The wedding was done in the secret venue of East Hampton, New York.

Charnele Brown and her lover Eric Brown
Charnele Brown and her lover Eric Brown
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The couple is known for their silence in their personal life. However, it is known that the couple was first encountered in the set of A Different World. They started working together and started knowing each other eventually leading to their dating and marriage.

Brown is not involved in extra-marital affairs and is not known to have any romantic links with other persons prior to the marriage. The love bird is yet to receive a baby.

Charnele As Kim Reese In A Different World

A Different World is a sitcom that depicts the story of a group of students from Hillman College that suffers ups and downs in life in a hilarious manner.

A Different World – The LOVE STORY we don’t Talk About ENOUGH… KIM REESE & SPENCER BOYER

In the show, Carnele played the role of Kim Reese who is the daughter of detective Clinton Reese and the roommate of Whitley Gilbert. She is aspired to become a reputed doctor.

Her character and acting skill were appreciated by many people.

Brown Had Not Realized The Importance Of “A Different World”

According to Brown, she was too young to understand the legacy the show would leave behind. The actress was just happy to get to work in a series.

However, it was more about just entertaining and working but also holds a strong message. The story revolves around student life at an HBCU and tackles severe topics, including HIV/AIDS, race relations, and sexual assault.

In addition to this, Brown also said that she and her team were not aware of how much they were appreciated as there were no social media back in the day.

Owns An Acting School

Brown owns an acting school where she teaches different students, primarily adults. The acting school is located in Houston, Texas, where she currently lives.

She has shared that Eric teaches the children, and she teaches adults. According to her, the school needs that students who have the need and talent to enter into the acting business. As she can only enhance their acting skill and not teach them how to act, she prefers to train those who have some skills for it.

Started An Clothing Line

Brown has started her own clothing line where she produces dresses. The clothing line is called Carnele Brown Collection which is located in Los Angelos, California, United States.

The clothing collection is dedicated to that everyday woman who has godly curves and needs to enhance their curves with some quality and stylish dress. She also designs her clothes.

Tri-Wen Production

Tri-Wen production is a production company with a team that includes Charnele Brown. The company has specialized in television, theatre, and film production.

Tri-Wen’s first projects will be a feature film called The Coffee Pot, and a pilot called Mercy Me, which will be filmed in Houston, Texas.

Charnele In The Entertainment Field

Charnele Brown is also involved in the entertainment field where she serves as an actress, producer, and writer. She debuted her acting in the TV series The Cosby show which was released in 1987.

Charnele Brow n in an intervie

Following that, she has been a part of How You Like Me Now, My Wife and Kids, 5th Ward, A Different World, and so on. Throughout her career, she has a total of 20 credits as an actress on her IMDB profile.

Also, Brown is also the producer of six movies and shorts. Her work as a producer includes Coffee pot, Hindsight, The Prank, Genesis: Adam & Eve, and so on.

According to her IMDb profile, Brown has worked in the coffee pot, BKS Best keep secret, and changes as a writer.

The Physical Appearance Of Brown

Brown has a chubby face with dark brown hair color and natural black eyes. Her hair is Curly, which perfectly matches her style.

Similarly, She stands tall with a height of 5 ft, equivalent to 153 cm, and maintains a weight of around 70 kg, i.e., 155 lbs.

Social Media Presence

Charnele is one of those personalities who does not like to be in the media’s attention. She prefers to live her life privately. Although She has activated her account on major social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, she is hardly active on them.

Her Instagram account is @bcharnele, where she has accumulated more than 8k followers. The account has only four posts at the time of writing, and they are all about her professional work.

Likewise, her Twitter id @CharneleBrown, under which she tweets on different topics. The account has more than 2k followers and has not been used for an extended period of time.

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