Cazzie Laurel David is a screenwriter and actress from the United States. The web series Eighty-Sixed was co-created by David, and he also appeared in it (2017). No One Asked For This, her debut book of essays, was published in 2020. She’ll also star in the third season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

The artist talked about the lessons she learned from a previous bad relationship while also admitting that she’s dating someone new. She recounted how she first noticed traces of love bombing in her ex, a manipulation technique centered on overwhelming warmth and good gestures. Learn more about Cazzie David’s relationship by reading on.

Cazzie David Has Dated Pete Davidson

While Pete Davidson is known for his numerous flings and relationships, he was in a two-year relationship with Cazzie David. Cazzie went on to spill some serious beans in her book, and No One Asked for This after the relationship came to an abrupt end. She admitted that her breakup with Davidson was a turning point in her life and that writing about it in the book gave her a lot of worries. Although the romance was finished, she soon learned that Pete was dating Ariana, which was sad for the writer.

Cazzie David admitted that her breakup with Davidson was a turning point in her life.
Cazzie David was previously in a relationship with Pete Davidson.
Source: Pinterest

Pete got multiple tattoos that reminded him of Cazzie and her name on his ring finger because their relationship was so serious. She initially believed the breakup was a huge mistake. However, she found out within days that her ex had moved in and had covered her tattoos as well. The teenage writer and actor admitted that she shivered uncontrollably after learning the awful news. Cazzie also said that she was bullied by Ariana Grande fans, hurting her mental health.

Cazzie David’s Dating Rumor

Following Cazzie David’s painful breakup with long-time lover Pete Davidson, Cazzie David appears to have found a new partner in her life: none other than John Mayer. The two were seen together at dinner earlier this month, prompting dating suspicions in the media.

Cazzie David appears to have found a new partner in her life.
Cazzie David is rumored to be dating John Mayer.
Source: Instagram

However, now that the singing sensation has put up a nice post for Cazzie, these suspicions are becoming more concrete. Cazzie re-posted it on her Instagram stories later. This isn’t the first time the two have been linked to each other. Cazzie was invited to John Meyer’s Instagram Live show Current Mood in 2018. Fans couldn’t help but notice how flirty the two were. On the other hand, some claim to be nothing more than good pals.

Cazzie and Pete reconnected shortly after Pete and Ariana’s short-lived courtship and engagement ended after five months. Cazzie even recognized Pete in the book’s acknowledgement section, adding that his bravery inspires her, and their relationship means the world to her. The two are on friendly terms, and the animosity between them may have faded as they have moved on for good.

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