Casey Affleck or Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Bo is one of the most well-known actors and directors in the United States. Unfortunately, Casey Affleck could not attend his brother Ben Affleck‘s second wedding reception.

Ben Affleck is a Casey Affleck elder brother
Casey Affleck with his elder brother Ben Affleck Image Source: People

The wedding weekend of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was notable for the absence of a significant part of the groom’s family — Casey Affleck. While his older brother was celebrating his recent marriage to Lopez in Georgia, the actor, who is 47 years old, was in Los Angeles, California, with his girlfriend, Caylee Cowan, who is 24 years old.

According to a source, Casey could not attend his older brother’s wedding ceremony on Saturday, August 20, because “sadly because of family, parental duties at home.”Casey is a father to two sons, Indiana Affleck, 18 years old, and Atticus Affleck, 14, whom he shares with his ex-wife Summer Phoenix.

According to the publication’s other allegation, the actor most known for his role in Manchester by the Sea was seen in public on Saturday in Los Angeles along with Cowan.

During a trip to Starbucks on the morning of the wedding, Casey briefly commented to the paparazzi about why he wouldn’t be there. It is difficult to precisely determine what Casey said, although it sounded like he was saying something like “fell asleep.”

Casey Affleck also has an actual name Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Bo
Casey Affleck is a famous American actor and director. Image Source: 1news

The wedding celebration in Georgia went off without a hitch even though Casey was hanging out in Los Angeles. Many notable celebrities from the entertainment industry were among the special guests who attended the wedding event.

In July, Ben and J.Lo tied the knot in a private ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was attended only by the couple’s children. After their wedding in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spent their honeymoon in Paris.

Previously, Ben and Jennifer planned three days wedding celebration party. Similarly, the couple seemed to be very excited about their wedding event. Their family and friends are delighted, and everyone looks forward to having a party and celebrating with them.

In July, Ben and J.Lo tied the knot in a private ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada
Newlywed couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Image Source: Pinterest

Ben and Lopez had become engaged at the end of 2002, but they ultimately decided not to get married and ended their relationship in January of 2004. Both went on to marry other individuals, with Lopez marrying Marc Anthony and Ben marrying Jennifer Garner.

Later, the couple got back together in 2021 and announced they had engaged shortly after. Also, Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner was on the guest list for the wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez!

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