Who Are Caylee Cowan’s Parents?

Caylee Cowan is the daughter of the late John Cowan and Mary Cowan. She was born on March 19, 1998, in Los Angeles. Her age right now is 24. Catherine Caylee Cowan is her birth name.

Caylee Cowan's childhood photo.
Caylee Cowan’s childhood photo.
Image Source: Caylee Cowan’s Instagram @cayleecowan

Caylee is Russian-Jewish in her father’s family and Spanish and German Jewish in her mother’s. She is also the fifth in a family that has five kids. She has two older brothers and two older sisters.

In the same way, she is an American citizen of mixed (Russian Jewish, Spanish and German) ancestry. Pisces is the sign of her astrology. Her religious beliefs are, however, unknown. She attended a high school in Phoenix, Arizona. Brandy Hotchner also coached her at Arizona Actors Academy.

Are Caylee Cowan And Casey Affleck Dating?

Caylee Cowan is currently dating actor Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck, who is dating Jennifer Lopez. The couple started dating in January 2021, but their relationship began in November when the pair was spotted kissing.

Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck.
Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck.
Image Source: Caylee Cowan’s Instagram @cayleecowan

Cowan and her boyfriend freely share their love for one another in public. The couple declared their love on Instagram as well. On their first year anniversary, the actress wrote a heartfelt post.

Caylee Cowan currently dating Casey Affleck.
Caylee Cowan currently dating Casey Affleck.
Image Source: Caylee Cowan’s Instagram @cayleecowan

Talking about Casey Affleck’s past life, he is a divorced man. Summer Phoenix, daughter of Arlyn Phoenix and Casey Affleck, married in 2006, and they are blessed with two sons: Atticus and Indiana. The couple split in 2015, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Caylee Cowan’s Net worth Collection And Her Movies

Caylee Cowan is an actor and has made a decent living. Her main source of income is acting. In the same way, her net worth is estimated to be $900,000. Caylee’s net worth is almost similar to Australian actress Sianoa Smit-McPhee. It is not clear what her income or other assets will be. Casey Affleck’s net worth is $20 million

Cowan was a high school graduate who began acting in theaters. She appeared in various productions, including Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie, John Patrick Shanley’s Danny in the Deep Blue Sea’ and August Strindberg’s?Miss Julie.

Caylee Cowan is posing for the photo.
Caylee Cowan’s net worth is estimated to be $900,000.
Image Source: Caylee Cowan’s Instagram @cayleecowan

Cowan’s movie debut was as Jan Hurst in Sunrise in Heaven, a love movie that was based on Jan Hurst‘s 2016 romance novel. It was published on April 9th, 2019. In 2016, she appeared in a cameo role as a waitress in the TV series ‘Lethal Weapon.

Caylee was cast as Holly Martins in the mystery thriller movie, ‘Year of the Detectives. She is now part of the American horror movie Willy’s Wonderland, alongside Ricreitz, Emily Tosta (Beth Grant), Caylee Cowan, Ric Cage, and Nicolas Cage. She has also been published in magazines, such as GOSEE, as a model.

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