Call it an advantage or disadvantage, but whenever you are related to a celebrity, there is a high chance that you become one. The case is no different from Carrie Schenken, who rose to fame after marrying actress Amanda Bearse. The lesbian lovers give a great boost to the LGBT community, and they couldn’t be happier with their romantic bond. So, without wasting much time, let us delve into who Carrie Schenken is and what’s her net worth.

Carrie Schenken’s Married Life with Amanda Bearse

The only reason why Carrie Schenken rose to global prominence is because of her relationship with lesbian lover Amanda Bearse. The two first met in 2008 and shared a special connection at an instant. Shortly after, the love birds started dating and got into a serious relationship. After a few years of going out, Schenken finally tied the knot with ‘The Doom Generation’ actress in 2010.

Carrie Schenken and Amanda Bearse caught on camera separately.
Carrie Schenken and Amanda Bearse are a lesbian couple. Source: Just Richest

Schenken and Bearse looked quite happy as they embarked upon a family together, adopting a child. Surprisingly, her partner was already a mother of an adopted daughter named Zoe since 1993.

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In 2020, the lesbian couple celebrates their tenth marriage anniversary, and Schenken couldn’t be happier.

Carrie Schenken’s Low Profile Early Life

While the accomplishments of Amanda Bearse could be found all over the internet, her partner Carrie Schenken lives a private life. She was born on April 24, 1958, in a middle-class family. Since she wasn’t involved in the glamour sector, nothing much is disclosed regarding her parents, siblings, or background.

Carrie Schenken in black t-shirt poses a picture.
Carrie Schenken used to work as a camera technician. Source: Bio gossip

The only reason she rose to fame was by marrying Amanda Bearse, a well-established actress from Florida. Carrie’s beau is more popular from her works in ‘Married…with Children’, ‘Fright Night,’ and ‘All My Children.’ While her partner’s educational pursuit is a secret, the television actress completed her associate of arts degree from Young Harris College. Similarly, the Hollywood star publicly revealed her sexuality as gay in 1993.

Carrie Schenken’s Net Worth

When you are a wife of Hollywood star, there is no point of worrying about finances. Carrie Schenken’s wife, Amanda Bearse, might no longer be active in front of the cameras with her last credit in ‘Anger Management’ in 2013. While she was active, she used to work as an actress, director, and comedian all at once. Consequently, Carrie’s partner Amanda Bearse owns a staggering net worth of $1 million.

Carrie Schenken poses a picture with Amanda Bearse.
Carrie Schenken is the wife of Amanda Bearse since 2010. Source: Pinterest

Schenken, unlike her beau, was a camera technician. So, she never featured in front of the cameras to get enough fame. However, as per estimates, she owns a six-digit net worth of $500,000 as of 2020. Thus, with a marriage to a millionaire actress, the lesbian couple enjoy a lavishing life together.

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