CaCee Cobb is known as the second wife of Adeosun Faison, an American actor, comedian, and voice actor. Her husband Faison is renowned for his lead role, Dr. Chris Turk in the ABC/NBC series Scrubs. Besides her marriage, Cobb is also known for playing small roles in different reality shows.

CaCee Cobb is Married to Adeosun Faison

CaCee Cobb first met her future husband Donald Faison back in 2006; however, they didn’t start to date soon after they know each other. They became good friends, but gradually they got to meet again, and this time they shared their numbers.

Soon after sharing their numbers, the lovely pair began to meet and started to date. After around six years of lovey-dovey, Cobb and Adeosun Faison decided to share their vows.

CaCee Cobb (b. December 3, 1977) is the second wife of Adeosun Faison, an American actor, comedian, and voice actor.
Cobb on her wedding day with her spouse Faison.
Photo Source: Growing Your Baby

Cobb and her husband tied the knot on December 15, 2012. Their wedding was held at the home of Faison’s former Scrubs co-star and best friend, Zach Braff. Further, he also served as a groomsman for Faison.

Where Faison got his best pal Braff on his side, Cobb’s bridesmaid was singer Jessica Simpson, for whom she previously worked as a personal assistant.

“The Price of Beauty” Cast CaCee Cobb’s Beau Was Previously Married to Someone Else

CaCee Cobb’s husband, a well-known actor, comedian, and voice actor, Donald Faison, was previously married to someone else. Yes, her beau, Adeosun Faison, was married before he met her.

Scrubs star Faison was married to his ex-wife, Lisa Askey. The former couple began to date in 1997. After having some great years together, they walked down the aisle in 2001. They ended their relationship in 2005 with a divorce.

Before Askey, the comic actor, Faison was in a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend Audrey Ince. They split up after he met his first wife.

CaCee Cobb is a Mother to Her Two Children and is a Stepmother to Six Children

CaCee Cobb, 44, is a mother to her two children. She gave birth to her kids with her sweetheart, Faison. The pair are blessed with a son Rocco Faison (b. 2013), and a daughter Wilder Faison (b. 2015). We frequently see both of Cobb’s children on her Instagram posts.

CaCee Cobb son Rocco (b. 2013), and daughter Wilder (b. 2015).
CaCee Cobb is blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter.
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As we already learned, Cobb wasn’t the only wife of her beau. Her husband was previously married to his ex Askey with whom he welcomed three kids: fraternal boy-girl twins Dade Faison and Kaya Faison (b.1999), and son Kobe Faison (b. 2001).

Furthermore, Faison is also a father to his son, Shawn Faison (b. 1997). He welcomed his first baby boy with his ex-lover, Audrey Ince.

CaCee Cobb’s Net Worth Collection

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Cacee Cobb has a net worth of $2 million. Indeed, she’s a millionaire.

CaCee Cobb has a net worth of $2 million.
Cobb lives a lavish lifestyle with her celebrity husband.
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The American media personality managed to hit the millionaire tagline after working hard for years in showbiz. She has played several supporting roles in different shows and movies, including “The Price of Beauty,” “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica,” and others.

Prior to acting, Cobb worked as the personal assistant of Jessica Simpson, singer, actress, and fashion designer. In fact, her appearance in the media began after she became Jessica’s assistant. On the other hand, her husband, Donald Faison has a net worth of $12 Million

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