Briana DeJesus made a massive decision about her co-parenting relationship with her ex, Luis Hernandez, on Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 episode. Hernandez and DeJesus share their youngest daughter, Stella. However, because Hernandez hasn’t always been in the picture, their co-parenting relationship has been strained. As a result, when it came to her daughter’s relationship with her father, DeJesus took matters into her own hands.

DeJesus revealed that both of her kids, Nova and Stella, would be spending the day with their fathers at the show’s start. Stella, on the other hand, was not keen about seeing Hernandez. She stated that she did not want to see her father when DeJesus pressured her to prepare for his arrival. She then threw a temper tantrum, which DeJesus didn’t appreciate having to deal with.

DeJesus shared that both of her daughters, Nova and Stella, would be hanging out with their fathers for the day.
Briana DeJesus Makes Decision on Co-Parenting Relationship With Ex.
Photo Source: In Touch Weekly

The MTV celebrity was taken aback by Stella’s visceral reaction to seeing her father, prompting her to question whether Hernandez’s visit was a brilliant idea at all. Stella was glad to see Nova’s father, Devoin Austin, when he dropped her off later that day, even though she didn’t want to spend time with him. Stella even remained up late to greet Austin, according to DeJesus. Nova’s father was delighted to see Stella as well, and the two hugged.

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Teen Mom 2 Star discussed with her partner, Javi Gonzalez, about Stella and Hernandez’s relationship after a long day. She added that she wanted to hear his side of the story because he is a single parent as well. DeJesus informed Gonzalez that she was considering contacting an attorney over Hernandez’s parental rights.

Briana DeJesus is the mother of two children.
Briana DeJesus with her Children.
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The American actress also stated that she considered terminating his parental rights to ensure that she doing the best for her daughter. Gonzalez, for his part, encouraged her to take whatever action she saw fit since he believes in her judgment.

DeJesus did, in the end, contact a lawyer. While she isn’t sure if she wants to terminate Hernandez’s parental rights formally, she believes it is critical to have a lawyer involved in their co-parenting relationship. Teen Mom 2 viewers will have to wait and see how Hernandez reacts to the news and how this legal case plays out.

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