People from all around the world know Brian Kleinschmidt (b. April 30, 1982). He’s renowned as a serial entrepreneur, reality show star, innovator, and home flipper. Besides that, he’s a lovely husband to his wife and a caring dad to his daughter. Let’s learn more about him on this page today.

Brian Kleinschmidt’s Net Worth as of 2022

Those who were desperate to know Brian Kleinschmidt’s net worth, sadly, we had to break it down to you that the HGTV star hasn’t shared anything on that topic to any media. Therefore, no official document is available to vouch for his current legit financial status.

Brian Kleinschmidt is estimated to accumulate an outstanding net worth of $1 million
The HGTV star Brian Kleinschmidt is a millionaire.
Photo Source: Orlando Sentinel

Despite the odds, Brian Kleinschmidt, being a TV personality, made many estimate his fortune. As of 2020, he is estimated to accumulate an outstanding net worth of $1 million. It is estimated that his net worth has risen to $1.5 million as of 2022.

Career History of 100 Day Dream Home Star Brian Kleinschmidt

As mentioned earlier, Brian Kleinschmidt is an entrepreneur, TV personality, and home flipper. He did many things that helped him to be where he is today in his long career history.

According to Earn The Neck Lace, Kleinschmidt’s entrepreneurship journey began at a very young age. He, alongside his brother, used to earn extra money from washing cars around the neighborhood. Subsequently, when he grew up, his entrepreneurial spirit also thrived.

Kleinschmidt then opened a chain of Anytime Fitness gyms in multiple locations as his first successful business. While he was doing that, he also started flipping houses. He explained one of his personal achievements in that business was selling three homes during the 2008 recession.

Talking about his television journey, the 38-year-old Kleinschmidt first showed up in the American reality game show The Amazing Race back in 2009. After that, he appeared in the ABC hit show Shark Tank in 2015.

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In Shark Tank, Kleinschmidt appeared, representing his company EZ-Pee-Z. He was seeking for investment and asked $500,000 for a 15% stake in his company. However, he didn’t get a deal, but luckily his product attracted many viewers to that show, which boosted his sales.

Besides making an entrance in the reality show, Kleinschmidt began his own series. Indeed, we are talking about the 100 Day Dream Home. He earned massive fame from his first television project. The show debuted in 2019.

Kleinschmidt’s Ex-Wife, Ericka Dunlap is the Former Miss America

Brian Kleinschmidt has been married twice, which means his first marriage didn’t survive. Previously he shared the vows with the former Miss America, Ericka Dunlap. Yes, you read it right; his ex is a pageant holder.

In Shark Tank, Brian Kleinschmidt appeared representing his company EZ-Pee-Z seeking for investment and asked $500,000 for a 15% stack in his company.
Kleinschmidt with his former wife Ericka.
Photo Source: Reality TV World

The former Kleinschmidt-Dunlap duo together participated in season 15 of the game show, The Amazing Race. They tied the knot in 2007. They were married couples for four years; thus, they divorced in 2011.

Kleinschmidt is Married to High School Friend Mika McGee

After Kleinschmidt separated from his former spouse, he reunited with his high school sweetheart Mika McGee. They knew each other from their time as a student at Riverview High.

Brian Kleinschmidt tied the knot with his high school sweetheart Mika back in 2015.
Brian and Mika are blessed with a baby girl, Jade.
Photo SOurce: Instagram

Kleinschmidt proposed to Mika in 2013 and subsequently walked down the aisle in October 2015. They are raising a baby girl named Jade, 13. Yes, they are parents to their cute daughter.

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Besides parenting, their daughter, Kleinschmidt and Mika, are together in their TV show 100 Day Dream Home; many viewers love their chemistry in the HGTV series.

Who is Brian Kleinschmidt?

Brian Kleinschmidt is an American reality television personality who together with his wife Mika McGee, hosts 100 Day Dream Home on HGTV; further he was married to former Miss America Ericka Dunlap with whom participated in the game show The Amazing Race.

Are Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt married?

Yes, Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt are married.

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