Bradley Christopher Gumbel is one of the personalities who got fame, all thanks to their parents’ courtesy. If the last name didn’t give you away, then let us inform you that he’s the son of an American television journalist and sportscaster Bryant Gumbel. There isn’t much known about the celebrity child due to his choice of privacy but fret not as today we’ll be bringing you a brief read of details of Bradley, all from his net worth, private life, and many more. 

Does Bradley Christopher Gumbel Have A Staggering Net Worth?

Bradley Christopher Gumbel is one fortunate guy to have been born in such a financially stable household. His father, Bryant Gumbel, became successful in garnering a colossal net worth profile from his decade long career in journalism. Although we do not have any details on his son’s earnings due to privacy issues, we do have a detailed profile on the NBC host.

 Bradley Christopher Gumbel  with his father
Bradley Christopher Gumbel attending an event with his father Bryant Gumbel. Photo Source: Zimbio

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bryant holds an impressive net worth collection of $25 million as of 2020. He earns a handsome annual salary of $6 million from his employment in the media and communication sector. He’s spent most of his efforts and dedication on HBO’s investigative series Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which also earned him a Peabody Award. Surely, his son is also going to inherit a comfortable sum from his lavish net worth that he’s worked so hard to earn.

Bradley Christopher Gumbel Arrested

Well, in recent times, nothing stays out of the eyes of the media. It was proved when news revealed that Bradley Christopher Gumbel was accused of approaching a woman from behind, grabbing her purse, and fleeing from the spot in New York, Manhattan’s Upper East Side sidewalk.

 Bryant Gumbel' son was arrested on the charges of assault and robbery.
Bryant Gumbel’s son was arrested on the charges of assault and robbery.
Photo Source: Bio Wikis

The police were informed on the spot, and Gumbel was arrested a few blocks away on assault and robbery charges. The woman suffered no injury besides a few scrapes here and there, but she did press charges against him, which attorney Benjamin Brafman defended as a case of mistaken identity.

Bradley Christopher Gumbel Family

Even though Bradley Christopher Gumbel’s father is extremely vocal about his personal career in the media, he’s very private about his personal life. Although we do know that his parents, June Baranco and Bryant were married from 1973 to 2001 before they went their separate ways due to undisclosed reasons.

Bradley Gumbel Family
Bradley Gumbel whole family.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Growing up Gumbel also shared the bond with his sister named Jillian Beth Gumbel. After his parents separation his father re-married to his current wife, Hilary Quinlan in 2002 and are together ever since.

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