Beckett Lansbury is Ally Sheedy and David Lansbury’s kid. Born in 1994 as a girl, Beckett is now a guy after transitioning. He supports the LGBTQ+ community and goes by he/they pronouns. Beckett teaches and helps prevent sexual violence. Right now, he’s not in a relationship.

Beckett Lansbury’s Early Life

Beckett Lansbury is the son of Ally Sheedy and David Lansbury, born on March 15, 1994, in the USA. He’s 29 years old and a Pisces. Beckett is their only child, born a girl.

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Beckett Lansbury with his mother Ally Sheedy.

Moreover, the star kid is close to his aunt, Meghan Sheedy, and his grandparents from both sides. At first, his mom, Ally Sheedy, was worried when he came out, but now she supports his transition.

Beckett Lansbury’s Sexual Orientation

The media star Beckett gained attention for being open about his sexuality and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Originally born female, the celebrity child realized he identified more as a male. He’s been open about his journey and used social media to talk about his gender identity and being gay. Also, get to know about another transwoman Trace Lysette

Moreover, Lansbury’s transition from female to male began in 2015 during college. It wasn’t an easy process, and he was nervous, but he learned a lot and had the support of his parents. Changing his name from Rebecca to Beckett and starting hormone treatments were big steps for him.

Now, the charming personage is an inspiration to many and is a proud gay. He works as a coordinator for preventing sexual violence and educates others about it. He’s vocal on social media about LGBTQ+ rights and encourages others not to hide who they are.

What Is Beckett Lansbury’s Relationship Status?

Right now, Lansbury is single and feeling liberated after coming out as transgender and becoming a guy. He keeps being an activist, showing everyone it’s okay to make choices and live their happiest life.

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Beckett Lansbury with his pet dog Winston. Image Source: Instagram@beckettls18

Coming to his parents, Sheedy and David were married for a long time—19 years! But in 2009, they decided to go their separate ways. They got married on April 12, 1992, and had their only kid, Beckett, in 1994.

After the divorce, the High Art actress hasn’t been in any romantic relationships. She’s mentioned that she’s happy being on her own with her dog as her main company.


The star son Beckett went to a regular high school in the US before heading to Bard College for college. He got his Biology Bachelor’s degree there in 2016. Later, he did a program to become a teacher, focusing on Biology and Science Education.

Now, the renowned personality teaches at Bard College, the same place where he studied.

Beckett Lansbury’s Mother Is An Actress

The Short Circuit star Sheedy is an American actress known for her work in movies and TV for more than 40 years. She kicked off her movie career in Bad Boys (1983) and became famous in movies like The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. She got nominations for awards in movies like WarGames, Fear, and Man’s Best Friend.

Likewise, the household name is not just an actress—Ally wrote a book called “She Was Nice to Mice,” which became a hit. She’s also written for magazines like The Village Voice and The New York Times.

Lately, the TV star has been in the Freeform series Single Drunk Female (2022–2023), playing a character named Carol opposite Carl Anthony (Melika Payne‘s partner). She’s worked with a director she admires a lot, Travon Free, who won an Oscar. Sheedy has praised Free as her favorite director.

In addition, Ally’s career shows how talented and dedicated she is, doing movies, TV, writing, and earning awards for her work. The gorgeous lady proves her skill and love for acting through her versatile career.

How Is Beckett Lansbury’s Professional Life?

The 29-year-old Lansbury works as a teacher at Bard College, where he went to school, and he’s part of the Gender Equity office there. He inspires people to be open about who they are and supports LGBTQ and trans rights.

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Beckett Lansbury is a teacher at Bard College. Image Source: Instagram@beckettls18

Aside from teaching, the media sensation is into making things out of leather and strongly backs the LGBTQ community.

What Is Beckett Lansbury’s Net Worth?

The big-name Beckett is an American science teacher and a big supporter of trans rights. He’s also known on the internet. His mom, Little Sister actress Sheedy, a famous actress, has around staggering worth of $4 million from acting, while his dad, Lansbury, has around $200,000.

Both of the Instagrammer’s parents are into real estate. Ally bought a house in Los Angeles for $1.6 million in 2014, with cool stuff like a pool and an outdoor kitchen.

Social Media Presence

The stunning Lansbury is pretty busy on social media. On Instagram, he has more than 22.9 thousand followers with the username @beckettls18. He posts a lot about his life, his job, and supporting the trans community. He shares family pics, talks about teaching, and spreads the word about trans rights.

On YouTube, Beckett has over 760 subscribers. He uses it to share videos about his life and work and educate about trans rights. You’ll find him speaking at events and giving talks about these important rights.

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