Trace Lysette is an American actress and producer who is famous for playing Shea in the Amazon show Transparent. She’s also recognized for her role in the movie Hustlers, where she starred alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Constance Wu.

Trace Lysette’s Wiki/ Bio

Trace Lysette is an American actress and activist who gained fame through her performances in Transparent and Hustlers. Born on October 2, 1987, in Lexington, Kentucky, she grew up in and around Dayton, Ohio. During her late teens, she was a track athlete and also worked as a drag queen in bars and clubs in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio.

Who Is Trace Lysette’s Partner?

The 35-year-old Lysette is a well-known American actress, especially recognized for her roles in TV shows like Transparent and Pose. She’s been honest about her gender identity and her experiences in the entertainment world, but she has chosen to keep her romantic life private.

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Trace Lysette is not dating anyone. Image Source: Instagram@tracelysette

Moreover, Trace hasn’t publicly revealed any relationships and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. Currently, it seems that the actress is single and concentrating on her career.

Trace Lysette Is A Trans Woman

Lysette, a trans actress, is also actively involved in advocating for trans rights. She raised her voice against Scarlett Johansson‘s dismissive reaction to criticisms about playing a trans man in Rub & Tug. Her firm response to Johansson’s unwillingness to acknowledge the concerns of the trans community ignited a significant discussion, prompting actress Jen Richards to propose an educational platform for trans actors to address the issues surrounding “trans face.”

Likewise, Monica star Trace stands as an inspirational figure, showcasing her journey as a transwoman making significant strides in Hollywood while championing trans rights. Her presence serves as a source of hope for the trans community, emphasizing that equal opportunities should be extended to trans individuals just like anyone else. Also, get to know about Amiyah Scott who is also a transgender.

What Is Trace Lysette’s Net Worth?

Lysette is worth more than $1 million, and she got this money from acting and doing drag shows. Besides this big amount of money, she also owns a few houses.

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Trace Lysette has a net worth of $1 million. Image Source: Instagram@tracelysette

Moreover, the lady’s money comes from her acting, but she’s also earned cash from doing drag performances. Since she was young, she’s been part of the ball culture scene in New York, and for eight years, she worked as a dancer in Manhattan.

And guess what? She’s got more than money – she’s got houses too! She’s invested in homes in places like Los Angeles, New York, and Dayton, Ohio. She even has a really fancy apartment in Manhattan that she bought in 2020.

Trace Lysette’s Movies And TV shows

The stunning Lysette is a successful actress and producer who is best known for her role as Shea in Amazon’s popular series Transparent, which ran for five seasons. She also starred in the movie Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Constance Wu. She started learning acting in New York City in 2007 and made her television debut in 2013 in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, becoming one of the first trans people to have a speaking role on primetime TV in the US.

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Trace Lysette is a versatile actress. Image Source: Instagram@tracelysette

Since then, Lysette has appeared in various TV shows and films. She had roles in productions like Midnight Texas, POSE, and Drunk History. She also acted in drama series like David Makes Man and Quantum Leap reboot.

To add more, the beautiful personality has played the main character in the film Monica, alongside Patricia Clarkson and Adriana Barraza. In 2019, she gained attention for her role in Hustlers. Additionally, she contributed as an unpaid consultant for the film The Danish Girl in 2015. See another celebrity, Kron Moore.

Trace Lysette’s Controversy

You might know Trace from Hollywood, but she’s especially famous for something connected to her former co-worker Jeffrey Tambor. In 2018, both Lysette and her ex-assistant, Van Barnes, said that Tambor treated them badly. This got Amazon to look into it, and after they looked, they decided Tambor shouldn’t come back to the show.

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Trace Lysette came into controversy after her allegation of sexual violence against Jeffrey Tambor. Image Source: Instagram@tracelysette

It’s not just Trace and Van who talked about Tambor. In total, four women said he did bad things, including Rain Valdez and Tamara Delbridge. Amazon asked Trace a lot of tough questions – she said they talked to her for “hours and hours.” It’s really brave to talk about stuff like that.

Even though these things came out, Jeffery kept working in Hollywood. Trace thinks this might be because three of the women who spoke up are trans.

She says, “Our words don’t carry as much weight as those of other women.”

After the gorgeous woman talked about what happened, Trace faced bad stories about her and worried if she would ever act again. She even lost her health insurance because she didn’t get enough acting jobs to qualify for it.

How Is Trace Lysette’s Social Media Engagement?

Lysette really likes being on social media and has lots of people who like what she does on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Moreover, the sizzling actress’s got more than 35.1 thousand people following her on Twitter with the username @tracelysette. She uses it to talk about her acting, the stuff she stands up for, and her life. She shows pictures and videos of what she’s working on, and she talks with her fans about things that are important. Lysette also uses her Twitter to tell people about what she’s doing and why voting and trans rights are important.

On Instagram, she’s got over 166 thousand followers with the username @tracelysette. She shares her own pictures, shots from behind the scenes of what she’s doing, and things that inspire her. She also uses Instagram to tell people about her work and to talk about different things, like how taking care of yourself is important.

Lysette even has a YouTube channel with more than 1.1 thousand people who follow her. On there, she puts up videos like interviews, things from behind the scenes, and stuff she made herself. She also talks about her work and things that matter a lot.

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