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Aubrey Saget is the daughter of Bob Saget and his ex-wife, Sherri Kramer, from Full House. She was born on February 15, 1987. She was born in Los Angeles, California, but resides and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother is no longer a practicing lawyer, but she can become one.

Aubrey Saget is the daughter of Bob Saget and his ex-wife, Sherri Kramer.
Aubrey Saget with her mother and sisters.
Source: Instagram

Among Bob’s three daughters, she is the eldest. Aubrey is a well-known artist whose work has been shown in several prestigious galleries. Her paternal grandfather (Bob’s father), Benjamin Saget, was a supermarket executive, and her grandmother, Rosalyn Dolly, was a hospital administrator.

In 1987, the artist’s parents welcomed Lara Melanie Saget into the world, two years after Saget’s birth. Jennifer Belle Saget, her younger sister, was born in 1992. On November 18, she was born. About Jennifer, Aubrey’s sister, Lara, is an artist, curator, and educator. She is also a yoga instructor and co-founder of an art studio called Studio200nyc with her elder sister. Lara specializes in glass-cast tree pieces held together by their falling bits.

Aubrey Saget’s Mothers’ Near-Death Experience

According to Bob Saget’s biography, Dirty Daddy, when his ex-wife, Sherri, was pregnant with their first child in 1987, nearly died. Aubrey’s comic father recalls in the book how, after a difficult labor, doctors decided a C-section was necessary for her. When the doctors gave her the epidural, they mistakenly supplied it to her bloodstream rather than the spinal column.

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Following that, Bob’s ex-lawyer lost consciousness and requested a code blue. Aubrey’s father describes physicians feverishly hammering on her chest in an attempt to restore her heartbeat. The catheters were subsequently placed to remove the IV fluids that nearly drowned her. A nurse soon informed Bob that his wife had no cerebral activity. Sherri, fortunately, lived after a terrifying nightmare, writes the Full House actor in his book.

Aubrey Saget’s Net Worth and Career Highlights

Aubrey Saget, Sherri and Saget’s daughter, is a painter. She specializes in oil paintings with a concentration on framing and pacing. Aubrey attended New York University in New York, earning an MFA (2016) and a BFA (2009). She has participated in over 16 art shows to date. Aubrey has not revealed her net worth yet. She regularly posts her art on her Instagram account.

Aubrey Saget specializes in oil paintings with a concentration on framing and pacing.
Aubrey Saget is a painter.
Source: Instagram

The artist has usually given her talks in New York, although she has also given them in New Jersey and New Mexico. Aubrey asserts that her method is based on adding and subtracting within each small frame. She also received the New York University Steinhardt Masters in Fine Art Scholarship Award Grant in 2015.

Aubrey Saget’s Fathers Net Worth

Aubrey Saget’s father, Bob Saget, has amassed a lot of fame as a result of his heart-warming sense of humor, as well as a lot of money. He leads a comfortable life. Bob has an estimated net worth of 50 million US dollars. Bob got a merit prize at the Student Academy Awards for his black-and-white film “Through Adam’s Eyes.”

Aubrey Saget's father leads a comfortable life.
Aubrey Saget’s father has a net worth of 50 million US dollars.
Source: Instagram

The artist has recently become involved in humanitarian activities as well. He serves on the board of the Scleroderma Research Foundation. Her sister’s death from this condition, in particular, encouraged her to get engaged and help other individuals suffering from it.

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The actor did not have an easy break-in film and television. He began by performing in local comedy clubs. During this time, he polished his comic skills, which led to opportunities in television and film. Saget had an opportunity to do and add humor to The Morning Program, but he didn’t last long. He was recognized and praised for portraying a widowed father on the ABC sitcom Full House. He even launched his stand-up comedy program, “Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right.”

Aubrey Saget’s Relationship Status

According to her Instagram feeds, Aubrey Saget does not appear to be in a relationship. Until now, her life has revolved primarily around her artwork and occasional family vacations. A detailed look into her socials reveals no mentions or hints regarding her marriage, boyfriend, or any other type of intimate companion.

Kramer Sherri and Bob Saget, Aubrey Saget’s parents, married on May 16, 1982. They divorced on November 17, 1997, 15 years later and after having three daughters, including Aubrey. Sherri and Bob had been high school sweethearts. When Aubrey’s father was 17, the two began dating. They began dating in the mid-1970s, seven years before their marriage.

The couple, however, sadly got a divorce. Bob Saget, a New York University alumnus, is currently married to Kelly Rizzo, a travel blogger from Chicago who is 23 years his junior. They married in October of this year. It’s unclear whether Aubrey’s mother, Sherri, remarried after her divorce from the comic actor.

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