Who Is Aubrey Ellett? Know About Her Net Worth

Aubrey Ellett is a well-known American celebrity wife. Ellett is most known for being Coby Cotton‘s wife. There is no information on Aubrey’s personal life available. There’s no proof that she’s working on it, and she’s made no public statements about it. There is no information on Aubrey’s personal life available.

Aubrey Ellett is living a lavish lifestyle.
Aubrey Ellett is with his husband.
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Coby is a YouTube star. As one of the five creators of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, he rocketed to notoriety. Coby, his brother, and pals created the ‘Dude Perfect‘ YouTube channel to showcase their ability while also having fun. As a result, they started their YouTube page on March 16, 2009, and released their debut video, “Backyard Edition.” She can live a luxurious lifestyle because of her husband’s wealth. Coby’s net worth is believed to be approximately $10 million.

Similarly, the time and manner in which they deliver the film pique curiosity, and in certain circumstances, they establish a brand identity. They also released games for Android and iOS, such as Dude Perfect, Dude Perfect 2, Endless Ducker, and That’s Lit. Furthermore, in 2016, their complete team performed for the Guinness Book of World Records, and they now have over ten world records. They made their broadcast debut on CMT’s “The Dude Perfect Show.” In 2017, the Nickelodeon channel broadcasted the program.

Aubrey Ellett and Coby Cotton’s Relationship Timeline

On December 3, 2017, Aubrey and Coby married. Before exchanging wedding vows, the pair dated for a time. Since the beginning of their marriage, they have displayed evidence of a stable partnership. On August 6, the same day as their wedding, Coby and Aubrey got engaged on the same day they married. On the other hand, Coby has many photos of her on his Instagram page. Similarly, Ed Sheeran is married to Cherry Seaborn.

Aubrey Ellett and Coby Cotton married in 2017.
Aubrey Ellett and Coby Cotton are a married couple.
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The two are currently in a beautiful and ideal relationship. “This image may be hilarious, but it’s not a joke,” Coby captioned a photo of herself and her wife on December 4, 2020. “Are we expecting a child?” As a result, the shot depicts Aubrey’s pregnant tummy with their kid within.

Finally, the couple welcomed their daughter on May 14, 2021. Her name is Carter Elisabeth Cotton, and she weighed 7Lbs 30z 19in. In addition, Coby posted a video of her daughter wishing her 1st birthday. He wrote,” We did the one-year-old birthday thing, and she did not disappoint.” Moreover, Nicolas Cage is having a daughter with his wife Riko Shibata.

Aubrey Ellett’s Wiki/Bio

The birthday, horoscope, and age of Aubrey Ellett are yet to be published. Her present residence, as well as other facts regarding her early life, remain unknown. Furthermore, there is no information regarding her family or educational background.

Aubrey Ellett and Coby Cotton are living together.
Aubrey Ellett and Coby Cotton’s daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

Coby was born in the United States on July 17, 1987, in the Woodlands neighborhood of Houston. Larry and Diann Cotton are his parents. Moreover, Cory Cotton, his identical twin brother, and Amy Surplus, his sister, were raised with him. He’s also a graduate of Texas A&M University.

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